Sunday, November 26, 2006


The spell of warm and sunny weather is lasting and we had another glorious day of Indian Summer while true winter bides its time. Kentucky does get its share of ice, sleet and snow – but this year, not yet! In honor of this fact, Jim let St. Luke’s know that unless he heard differently from them, he was going to go ahead on his own, rent a 32’ ladder and get the gutters on the steep side of the church cleaned while he still had the weather on his side.

After Morning Offering, Jim put in a morning in the kitchen. I worked on the Preface for A Book of Days, which is reaching final form in the next couple of weeks! I got it in fair shape, but shall go over it again before vetting it. it does not yet feel completely finished.

After we enjoyed lunch and our stretching exercises, Jim and I did the football/sleep routine all afternoon – he watched the many good games and I napped beside him, surfing on the crowd noise and the good feelings. Gary was working all afternoon on getting our rooms and furniture, which Jim has measured, drawn on to graph paper. Architect Gary Watrous has asked us to do that so that he can see exactly what we need to fit into our new house. It is a sound idea!

Gary offered the ending prayer for the Gaia Meditation after we enjoyed supper together. Jim and I sought our beds at midnight.