Saturday, November 25, 2006


The day was splendid – shirtsleeve weather and sparkling with sunshine. What a treat! After Morning Offering, Jim worked at three different jobs, which took until early afternoon.

I spent that time working up a new outline for The Choice 101. I was fairly pleased with the way it feels. I think this new arrangement is definitely the way to go, as the first book, 101, will be the bullet. 102 will be about outer work – the world of politics and economics “out there”, relationships, marriage, jobs, sexuality and children. And 103 will be about inner work – meditation, prayer, journaling, dream work and so forth.

I barely got started today on retrieving the quotes from my database that apply to the topics in their new order. I shall be able to find them fairly well, once I locate where they lie in the old system of outlines, by doing searches by code number. Doing the initial finding may take some time! I shall probably be working on the re-organization of those quotes, and the re-ordering of the outlines for 102 and 103, for a few days to come.

Jim arrived back home as Romi came for an afternoon of working on maintenance for the L/L Research computers. We shared a pizza and indulged in football – Jim for the afternoon (and Nebraska won!) and me, off and on, while Romi worked with Growler (the financials computer) and Maggie (Gary’s admin computer) in the downstairs office.

Romi and I did a “walk and roll” – he on foot and I in my little scooter – after lunch to enjoy the pretty day and then I rejoined St. James’s football games while he went on home. Mostly, I found myself fast asleep all the rest of the afternoon. It felt so good! I continue to have the same physical symptoms, including exhaustion, so this was much appreciated “down time”.

Before the bath I came upstairs to make an order to – a fun chore - to use the coupons we had received as rebates from our Amazon Visa charge card spending. As the coupons come in, I am adding to the L/L Library in the area of the Western tradition of white ritual magic, a topic the Ra group suggested was excellent for studying the archetypical mind. W. E. Butler made suggestions for further reading at the end of his wonderful book, Magic: Its Ritual, Power and Purpose, and we are perhaps halfway through that list. It’s amazing what Amazon has in the way of older books! I keep a “wish list” on to keep track of the books I am hoping to add to our Library – ever the librarian!

The rest of the day was pure relaxation. After supper and the Gaia Meditation, with me offering the ending prayer, we snuggled upstairs until bedtime, whiling away our sweet rest with an old James Bond movie before bedtime.