Monday, November 20, 2006


Happy Sabbath! While Jim cleaned house I went to choir practice and then sang the service at St. Luke’s. It was a fine morning, cold and crisp, frost on the mailbox and on the remaining fallen leaves. We sang lovely music this morning – “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” and “Give Almes”.

After lunch, Jim watched some football while I napped. He awoke me to take a bath with him, and when we were finished the house was full. Romi, Carmen and Connie had all arrived for our public Sunday meeting. It was especially grand to see Connie, who sometimes cannot make it to Louisville for our meetings, as she lives some distance from here and has responsibilities with her aging Mom. We had a good, long talk around the circle, catching up, before I went to tune for the channeling session.

The theme that had repeated as we talked around the circle of seeking was that we were all struggling right now with the response our personalities have to events and situations we tend to consider unfortunate or negative, even though we know that at the soul level, this is the perfect catalyst for teaching us what we need to learn. I have that situation physically, whereas most others in the group have some emotional or mental catalyst that is hard. I shall be interested to read the session once it is transcribed, as I know there is wisdom there for me.

After the meditation was finished, we shifted into holiday mode and shared a traditional turkey feast, complete with stuffing and gravy! Jim and Gary outdid themselves. There was even pumpkin pie, thanks to the kind offices of Mrs. Smith. Romi had brought wine and we uncorked that and shared a thanksgiving toast. I realize this was a bit early for that celebration, but Jim and I have found that it is better for us to have our entertaining on a Sunday, no matter what date the holiday is on, as the people we invite to such gatherings are our L/L Research circle anyway. Since we are all there on Sunday as a rule, why not consolidate!

After the Gaia Meditation the group began to break up and by 10 PM Jim and I were again solitary in the house, Gary having decamped to visit his girlfriend. We came upstairs for a lovely snuggle with the cats, saying good night around 11 PM.