Saturday, November 11, 2006


The sun shone, finally, in true Indian Summer style today. After Morning Offering, Jim and Gary tackled the big Friday load of lawns to tidy. Leaves were bagged and leaves were crunched, as the process of putting each of his customers’ lawns to bed for the winter continues.

I had a difficult day physically, so asked of myself only to find my joy and remain present with the joy, the physical catalyst of discomfort and the possibilities of the moment. In those terms it was a great day for me, full of practicing the presence of infinite love.

In terms of work done, my output was modest – I was responsible for getting members of the choir to serve as volunteers for the photo shoot at St. Luke’s tomorrow, and got that set up by e-mail and telephone. And I started editing the third Aaron/Q’uo Dialogue bunch. And naps – I was an excellent napper this afternoon.

Jim was extremely sensitive to my woes and decided that it would be good to take me to listen to some jazz and have a steak, which I have been craving for at least a week. We went to Park Place, at the ball part in the downtown area, and I enjoyed Steve Crews’ cool jazz piano while we feasted on possibly the best meal in years! At the last moment I veered from steak because there was an offering of rack of lamb in rosemary mint sauce. It was all wonderful!

We offered the Gaia Meditation upon returning home, with Jim offering the prayer, and then it was upstairs for a romantic tryst and a cuddle with the kitty cats before lights out around midnight.