Friday, November 10, 2006


After Morning Offering, Jim left with many garbage bags, as all his jobs this morning are with customers who wish their leaves bagged rather than mulched. I worked on e-mail throughout the day as I was able. I wrote to:
- Dianne S about global politics
- Romi, about how to let people know about the broadcasts. The info is under “Recent Updates” on
- Writing a catch-up letter to Ruthie M, whose psychic abilities match the excellence of her general nature.
- Carol C, to thank her for many kind words and to ask her about grant writing for L/L Research
- Ann P, discussing why she once passed me a note in class in 1960 which read, “In God, we trust”.
- Dana R, sharing about the experience of being ill. She has just had treatment for cancer and is recovering.
- Monica L, about her son’s offering to create a forum for L/L Research. He has grown up being taught LOO principles, and is just now graduating high school. However, he has already built several web sites for schools which he has attended and is a whiz. It would be excellent to have official L/L Research forums again.
- Lisa L, my choir mistress, about measurements for new choir robes
- Beth H, discussing interstitial cystitis. Her daughter in law has this diagnosis also and Beth was asking about how I coped with the pain and also the need to visit the bathroom often. I told her that I was new to dealing with this and had no real idea of how to manage it. Indeed, the discomfort has kept me from working on the Choice book these last couple of weeks.
- Fran G, thanking her for her MacDuffie alumna information
- Melissa T, regarding the bookkeeping. I asked her how one enters consignment orders from places like
- Kevin B, about micronutrients. I asked him to send me a blurb that I can take to my doctor for approval.
- Ian J, to thank him for work on the web site and also for a good photo send
- Tiffani M, regarding Homecoming
- Michelle M, thanking her for sending me a lovely cross-like image she had designed and discussing an illustration she will make for the Choice books.
- Mystery B, about her feelings of isolation and being different, all very congruent with being a Wanderer
- Rick C, giving him a Kentucky report and responding to his last seven Maine reports. I also thanked Rick for the very interesting article he sent me on the world of Islam’s response to the Pope’s latest bull, which claims that Jews are evil. I think I will use it for a UPI article soon.
- Terry H, thanking him and his wife for their prayers during this time of illness.
- Gary B, sending him a newly completed session transcript which he can forward to the people who asked those questions.

For some reason the discomfort I have been feeling seems gradually to be getting worse rather than better. I had been off pain medication since a week ago. However I believe I will call Jan E at the Hubbard Clinic tomorrow and take her up on her offer of alternative pain medication. Perhaps I can find one that doesn’t make me sick to my stomach.

I broke the afternoon with a telephone consult with Dr. Johnson, an osteopath to whom I go for hormone replacement prescriptions. My latest lab test show that I am quite outside the normal range on four of six kinds of hormone. Accordingly, he will change the compounding prescription to reflect my body’s changing needs.

I also got a call from Paula at Dr. June’s office letting me know that I was very anemic. I shall need to follow up on this with my GP, Dr. Aboud.

I was exhausted by bath time and was probably not the greatest company as I dozed next to Mick, who was riveted on the U of L-Rutgers game. I love sitting next to Mick as he enjoys a game of sports on TV. He radiates a certain kind of joy that is delicious.

We enjoyed supper and the Gaia Meditation with Gary, Jim offering the closing prayer. Then it was good-night at around 11 PM.