Tuesday, November 07, 2006


After Morning Offering I went out in the freshening air to get the catheter out which I had worn since Thursday when my bladder burst. What a blessing to be entirely unto myself again! I had kept myself clean and neat, but when you cannot bathe and get that all-over clean feeling, it’s not the same in terms of feeling really “dainty”. I was seriously missing that dainty factor. The bath this evening was wonderful!

Back home I visited briefly with Gary, who had a couple of questions at the L/L Admin desk, and then went back to the bower office to work with e-mail. I gave myself that task today, since it takes far less focus to work with that than with editing or writing and I feel quite rocky, still. In the event, I overdid a bit and paid for it with more pain in the evening. Tomorrow I shall be careful to take time just for resting. I was way too happy to be at work doing even the more trivial things! I really need to continue to learn to pace myself. It is being – NOT DOING – that is the true service. I tell others that. Now I tell it to myself.

I caught up with our web guy, and complimented him on the way he put together the Carla’s Page and the Carla’s Blog features on the left-hand menu of the home page on www.llresearch.org. Now I do not have to worry about how to tell folks where to find my Journal or information about our channeling sessions for personal clients. It is all right there. He also archives the older Journal entries now, so we now have almost everything that was on the old bring4th site preserved on the llresearch site except the forums. The forums, and the www.bring4th.org site in general, await the efforts of a volunteer with just the right combination of technical expertise and the ability to work with me, a dinosaur who lacks any real expertise with computers and is sometimes very difficult to communicate with if one is technically oriented. It will be a special fit, for sure! I am glad to wait for it.

I did some research for Monica L on where the forums went after our site closed. Bruce has the forums on the www.antiquatis.org site which were the remnant of the first blow-up of the B4 site, when it was hacked down. Jeremy saved a forum from the second B4 site when it was taken down. I am not sure whether that second site is still functioning, but you can e-mail Jeremy and find out. His e-mail is jeremy@6thdensity.net.

L/L Research will eventually offer discussion forums again. I think it is a good service for people just do not know when it will happen. It is really important to me to make all that we do at L/L Research a labor of love and devotion to the Creator. So it may take some time to create that feature again. Whenever it is, it will be the right time.

I sent to Jan E, my nurse-practitioner at the Hubbard Clinic, my abstracted chart on eating right for Interstitial Cystitis. The diet information came to me in a convoluted, science-speak pamphlet and I reduced the useful data to one easy sheet of charted rules. She thought that was helpful and had me send her the digital version so she can print it out and hand it to her patients.

I took some sweet time and wrote to my confederates in the MacDuffie reunion, Beth, Anne, Ann and Helen. I had written twice, once to the group actually at the reunion and once to the whole class – I am class captain for the class of 1961 – but had not responded to their individual notes, as this crisis overtook me.

I sent a trouble report to Romi, our ever-helpful technical volunteer, as my computer will not show photo attachments and Gary’s computer refuses to look at PDFs.

I caught up with Tommy, Jim and Carlos, my two brothers and cousin on my dad’s side – the Spanish contingent – on Christmas plans, accepting all three gentlemen’s’ suggestions for when they and their families will arrive for Christmas. December 26th seems to be the starting date for about a week of tribal togetherness. Brother Jim’s birthday is January 1st, and we tend to stick together until we can wish him happy.

I finished the afternoon writing to Ian B about the doings in the British LOO Study Group, to Jay B about politics, to Jean-Claude K to thank him for permission to use his name in an upcoming article for UPI, to John P about the process of after-death and the soul stream, and to Larry M about his recent trip to Korea for the Mongolian Peace Initiative meeting, which he had attended for the past week or so.

Mick came in covered with leaf dust, the conditions being just right for leaves to burst into powder when crunched. He says that this is his last full mowing day! The season is winding down and he is beginning to put his customers’ lawns and gardens to bed for the winter. Soon, in about three weeks, that process will be all finished and his customers will only be calling on him for odd jobs. The off season looms! We both look forward to that. He was quite pleased as his equipment worked so well. He did need to change all his filters, as the leaf dust was everywhere.

The evening passed most pleasantly and quietly. We had supper, offered the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end, and snuggled with the cats until bed time at 11 PM.