Tuesday, October 31, 2006


After Morning Offering Mick went into the much warmer weather to crunch leaves. He is working extra jobs today so that he can be with me at the hospital on Thursday for the “cysto-hydro” procedure. So I did not see him for lunch.

I worked on Hitler’s story for the morning. There is a lot there and I am trying to read with an eye to telling the heart of his story. Since he was alive so recently, there is a ton of information about his life. I am finding so much good material! The internet is a marvelous information resource.

After lunch I knocked out a whole bunch of errands that needed attention. The parish is gathering its pledges for the year and I started my part of the process by signing my pledge card and adding it to the “pony express” saddlebag I’d received from the person in front of me and calling the next person on my saddlebag list to arrange a time to take them the saddlebag so they can have their turn at “ponying up” for the next church year.

Then I counted the money given me for choir CDs in the last couple of weeks and took that by St. Luke’s office. There I ran into Patty L, who needed a volunteer for calling everyone and letting them know that there will be a reception celebrating Fr. Joe’s fourth anniversary at St. Luke’s this next Sunday. I shall need to do that tomorrow, for people between R and Z in the Parish Directory.

Yet another church task awaited my attention, as I needed to create a sign-up sheet for November 5th, when the choir will be in charge of volunteering for the photo directory photo-taking paperwork while parishioners come in for their sittings. I will get that filled out at choir rehearsal Wednesday.

There were quite a few thank you notes to write at the desk and other paperwork there, and I cleaned the desk up, generating about a dozen letters. I filled out a questionnaire for one doctor and completed more paperwork for admissions on this Thursday’s procedure.

When the desk was at last clear I sat down with some e-mails. I thanked Rick C for his work so far on the remastering project and assured him that L/L Research would reimburse him for a card that had to be replaced in his computer which he needs to do our job – which he is doing completely for free!

My friend, Dianne S, was riveted by news of an upcoming event in Tennessee being held by those who would like to free the media from its death grip by government and entertainment forces which have turned media news into less by far than the full truth and indeed seem to emulate the propaganda machine in Germany before WWII. I told her I’d love to go but would have to rest a lot and asked her just how much she wanted to go. She said that to be honest, she did not have the requisite energy either. It all sounded so good, she just wanted to be there. We agreed to pass it up.

Several other personal e-mails were answered until bath time was called.

The rest of the evening was spent, as we so often do spend that time, watching Amy Goodman’s news and Link TV’s World Music program, getting some supper, visiting with Gary and offering the Gaia Meditation. I was sleepy and drowsed through a lot of the evening hours. Jim and I came up for a last snuggle with the kitties and said good night around 11 PM.