Saturday, October 28, 2006


The rain which had drizzled its way through all of yesterday continued all day today and Jim decided to finish his week’s work Saturday and use today for work around here, sharpening blades, doing weekly maintenance chores and working on acquiring groceries for next week’s cooking.

I awoke feeling quite poorly and decided I needed to take a day off. However I stayed in the office, reading about villains. I am looking for the best one, to round out my examples of a service-to-self polarity. I have written up Genghis Khan and will write up Hitler. Who shall I find to join their band? I thought of and discarded candidates, moving at a snail’s pace and often falling asleep, all day. I cannot tell, from the inside out, if it is a flu or just the effects of spending five hours sitting in the hospital being a patient patient. However, one way or another I was pretty close to useless today as far as working at anything.

I finished the day thinking, many Ivan the Terrible would be a good third villain. But still I am not totally satisfied. I shall read up on Idi Amin tomorrow.

One further note – when I spell-checked this entry, the spell-checker wanted to change Idi Amin to Ida Amen. What a difference a name makes! Ms Amen does not sound threatening at all!