Monday, October 23, 2006


The Sabbath was briskly chilly, affording wonderful sleep, and I woke late, barely in time to awaken Tommy at 6:30 so he could go run his marathon. He did so, in 3 hours and 19 minutes, thereby qualifying for the Boston Marathon later this year.

Jim and I had a leisurely Sunday breakfast and then I departed for choir practice and church while Jim dug out the vacuum cleaner and wielded it until our little abode shone. After lunch, we enjoyed some sports on TV while I quietly went sound asleep in my chair, having to be awakened for bath and stretching just in time for the 4 PM meeting. It was silent meditation Sunday, and the two men who really love those silent meditations, Romi and Tom F, were both out of town, so we did not know if anyone would come, but happily, Carmen showed up and we had a particularly good silent meditation together.

The one project upon which I had made no progress during my housecleaning days last week was the wrapping of Christmas presents. Carmen offered to help with that, and we went to the basement and really got lots done! All the presents are now wrapped. Except for a present for our cats, a check for the garbage man and a check for the Episcopalian orphanage, Jim and I are finished with our Christmas shopping. Now that is a wonderful feeling, both in human terms of the job being done and in financial terms of the gifts being paid for! I look for sales all year, so I can afford the giving. I think it is so much fun to find things that are just right.

Gary arrived home from his day serving at Cracker Barrel and we all had a most pleasant supper and conversation. Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation and then we went our separate ways, Gary to his reading, Carmen to her guest room – her apartment is not available until Wednesday and we are putting her up – and Jim and I to call his Mom, a Sunday night gig for us. She is starting to look forward to our trip to visit her the first week in December, and so are we!

The rest of the evening was a kitty snuggle, a romantic tryst and another kitty snuggle. We know how to party, eh? We’re having the best fun! I imagine it looks pretty tame from the outside in. We said good night around 11 PM.