Thursday, October 12, 2006


After Morning Offering Brave Childe Sebastian, er, Jim, rolled out determined to mow all today’s jobs plus a two and a half hour job scheduled for tomorrow, while I wrote the weekly UPI article. I decided to write an article on marriage, using the Wedding Prayer I had written for Robert recently.

Gary tells me he is having trouble sending out the columns to our list, because the format on the UPI site has changed. I shipped Gary’s e-note to my UPI editor and hopefully he will show Gary an alternate way to access the articles for a send. We have been getting a good rate of comments on the columns, which is helpful to me in evaluating how I am doing with writing clearly. I look at the columns as good practice for writing on the Choice books. They both target the national norm, which is a seventh-grade reading level and a high school education, more or less.

As the day cooled and clouded over, Jim came home for lunch to report that his day would be manageable after all, as grass was growing quite slowly, and two big lawns did not need his mower this week. We enjoyed our stretching routine for the first time in a while. Jim headed out to finish his mowing day while I squared off with the QuickBooks. Pat S is coming out on Monday from our tax accountant’s office to vet all three accounts. I have done all I can to two of the three accounts. One is “off” by $1.59; the other is “off” by about $500.00. Obviously, the latter is not acceptable. We need to figure out what our true balance is – and it is probably neither the QuickBooks amount nor the paper ledger amount.

Some receipts had accumulated since last I worked on QuickBooks, so I brought all the paperwork up to date, paying the bills and making the deposits. I reconciled the two charge card statements which had come in, and am now satisfied that the books are in as good a shape as I can get them for Pat.

Then I worked for the rest of the afternoon on the L/L Research bank account ledger. Our previous bookkeeper had left the minimum of information recorded in the paper ledger. By the time I needed to quit the desk, the paper ledger told a story again, with enough information to track the transactions. I regret that there was not enough time to go line by line to be sure the transactions were recorded in both QuickBooks and the paper ledger. Perhaps I can do that after I return from MacDuffie’s reunion on Monday.

I had an appointment to get my toenails and fingernails groomed, a luxury I greatly appreciate, as my fingers are weak and I can inflict damage on myself trying to trim my toenails! I have never been deft! What a treat to have all my rough nail edges made smooth by someone who really knows how to do it properly.

Jim and I had a late bath and relaxed with the kitties until the Gaia Meditation. Then Gary, Jim and I enjoyed a late supper and conversation until it was time for Jim’s and my last snuggle and good night around 11 PM.