Tuesday, October 03, 2006


After Morning Offering, Jim went out into the glorious autumn day to mow. I came upstairs to spend the morning writing and then deleting the section on The Choice three times before lunch. This section is simply an underscoring of just how central that first, cornerstone Choice is, not just for this life but for the way things will go for us along the path of the next three densities, as we can only refine the choice we make here in third density. This cauldron of third density is the only place we can do the actual polarization.

I kept sounding – at least to myself - like a persuader or a salesman. And this is not propaganda. This is a report on the principles expressed in the Confederation material. So I kept going back to square one.

Jim came home for lunch, a nice treat! We did our stretching routine and then he set out to accomplish an afternoon of handyman chores for his customers before coming back home and spending the last of the working day right here at Camelot, continuing to trim up all of our shaggy bushes, hedges and tree limbs. He says he is now finished except for taking down two honeysuckle bushes which have encroached on rarer plantings. The honeysuckle is lovely and smells wonderful when it is in bloom but it is a weed in this area, springing up anywhere there is a neglected, shady spot and taking over if it can.

Gary was in the office downstairs all day, working to catch up over a week of L/L Research Inbox mail. At lunch he handed me a request from Robert D, who will soon be married, for a Wedding Prayer. I took his letter upstairs and created one for him before turning back to the Choice section. This time I managed to write something which I did not immediately delete. That is progress! I shall read it again tomorrow and see what I think!

Working on e-mail I:
- Thanked Tim M for sending out the new issue of Light/Lines via e-mail and wished him great good luck in finding right livelihood in his new home.
- Thanked Steve F for considering honchoing the offering of our sessions to the internet. Steve said no, as he does not know much about on-line broadcasting at all.
- Made a new lunch date with Sandie S and e-mailed her my three articles on Indigo Children. Sandie is the editor of a good e-zine for those who have or are Indigo Children, called Children of the New Earth. That address on the net is http://www.childrenofthenewearth.com/.
- Sent a confirming e-mail to Judy R, as I have not heard from her on the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. Judy is usually the most prompt of correspondents but this time, she has not sent me the next batch of AQ material, which we are calling AQ3. I want to be sure I have her correct address. One of my not so good tricks is missing it when someone changes e-mail addresses.
- Worked with our web guy on editing questions in the material of AQ2.

I had a bit of time – so I thought – before descending to the downstairs office and doing some QuickBooks entries, so I tackled Steve M’s suggestions on my Choice 101 Preface and worked through that for the first time. Again, I shall read it on the morrow before finalizing the edit. I continue to feel that Steve’s suggestions are excellent and I greatly appreciate his help.

Jim called bath time before I got to the financials, so we went ahead and had a most refreshing whirlpool together, and then I entered credit card charges into QuickBooks for a while, while Jim packed up orders from our L/L Research P. O. Box. Then we folded our tents for the night and went upstairs to enjoy a snuggle with Sedgie, who was extremely happy to see us, full of purrs and rolling over to show us his belly fur.

Lynn came over to work on the books and ate supper with us when we came downstairs. Gary, Jim and I shared the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM, with Gary offering the closing prayer, and then Jim and I came upstairs for a good night snuggle, seeking our beds around 11 PM.