Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This was a different day at L/L Research! After Morning Offering, instead of working on the Choice 101 book, I dealt with the difficulties at hand in the downstairs office and also up here. The first difficulty was my internet access up here in the bower office. For a while during the drenching downpour that gave us almost ten inches of rain last week, all the computers lost access to the DSL, which does happen when the wires get wet enough. However the rest of the house came back on line when it dried out. Traveler, my computer up here, was still locked out.

I called our web guy, who walked me through enough procedures by telephone to convince us both that I needed a tech guy to come repair things. After our most enjoyable conversation I called Service Solutions, a company which has helped us in the past when Romi was not available, and by mid-afternoon I was back on line.

Talking to him, I discussed an interesting situation a friend of his experiences, as she is clairvoyant. I have known and worked with a couple of clairvoyants. It is not a comfortable gift, usually, as you are aware of what is heading towards manifestation in the inner planes. Things occur first there and only come into manifestation in the outer world after several weeks of development towards manifestation. And the way this gift works, you tend to become aware first of those things which have an emotional charge, like an impending death. Over and over, she has had this experience of knowing about a coming passage, like death or severe illness, for a soul. What does she do with the information?

He was stumped and so shared the story with me. I offered my opinion, based on the fact that she is also a gifted healer, that her job was not at all to tell anyone this sort of shocking news. Rather, her job was to be alerted to these coming transitions and do her healing work at the level of absent Reiki healing without saying a thing to anyone. A tremendous amount of good can be done energetically, working with the energy body only, clearing out confusion on the subtler levels.

To tell someone he will die in two weeks is not helpful unless that person is intimately connected with you and able to bear the weight of the knowledge. It is very seldom that such a disclosure would be ethically appropriate in my opinion. It does bring to mind the message of the song, “Live Like You’re Dying”, a very good song, by the way, which I recommend.

When the technician had come and gone, and I had internet access back, I spent some time putting the entries for the Camelot Journal up and sending our web guy the Light/Lines material for him to put together and edit for the final PDF format. It felt great to be caught back up with those details.

The second difficulty meeting my eye was the state of our financial records. Things had gotten somewhat disheveled. None of the three ledgers – house, L/L Research and Jim’s Lawn service – was up to date so we did not know for sure what our balances were. There were bills to pay and deposits to make. And there was a large stack of papers to file, use or toss out. I worked until lunch on the largest of the mare’s nests, glad for Jim’s return from his happy, carefree morning of mowing in dry weather! We had a good conversation over lunch and did our enhanced stretching routine before Jim headed out again to finish his day.

I got back to the books and by quitting time, the charge card slips were logged, the deposits were made and the several bills were paid. Further, I had gone through each and every remaining piece of paper in our to-do pile. If I could, I filed it, tossed it or used it. if I could not figure it out, I put a sticky note on it, reporting to Lynn the source of my confusion. By quitting time, the surface details had been smoothed away. What remained was to get a solid balance in the three accounts.

Jim called bath time a bit late, to allow me to finish my work at the financials desk, and we enjoyed a whirlpool together and Amy Goodman’s news. Lynn came over after her full work day at her regular job to continue working on the books, and I went over what I had done with her. We set our intention for her working on the ledgers next. She grinned and thanked me for the help and by the end of her stint at the desk, she had found the answers to “how much do we have in that account?” for all three accounts.

There is still a challenge ahead for Lynn, me and, if she decides to take the job, Carmen. Anyone can do the basic work in QuickBooks, filing the information on charge card slips, entering the bills and so forth. However, our situation is complicated by our having three entities – Jim’s and my household account, the lawn service accounts and the L/L Research account. It is very easy to report an expense in the wrong account. There are many ways it is easy to make errors. When one has a paper ledger, one can see everything at once and I think it is much harder to make errors. In QuickBooks, you only see one little window at a time. You never see the overall picture. In talking with Lynn, I found that this is what she finds most difficult. She loses her way.

Jim came home, seeing me at the downstairs computer working on the paperwork. His response was very validating, as he said how good it was to feel the energy of our paperwork turning around to being positive again. And that is the truth of work in general. One attempts to create good energy as one does the work. It does not matter what the work is. Yes, it will be good to get back to working on my book, to thinking about how to talk about service to self and the path of that which is not. However it is also good to honor and respect the small details of an earthly life, including paying the bills and getting the paperwork up to date.

It did make me think about our whole postmodern culture, though, as I remember when bookkeeping consisted of keeping my checkbook register balanced with the bank statements. I need to get more of a handle on why that is not enough any more!

At 7:30, Jim went downstairs to set up for a session, as we had scheduled a personal channeling session for Marcelo G, who called in from Mexico. I spent the half hour tuning and came down to join Jim and Sedgie at 8 PM for the session itself. Marcelo’s question was on how to use the challenging events of losing his job and not being able to find work in order to progress spiritually. It was a really well thought-out question and he seemed to feel the session’s information would be helpful for him. I was involved mostly in producing the material and did not get a good sense of whether the session was a good one, but Jim and Marcelo both seemed to feel it had been useful. Marcelo will transcribe the session for me, which is a great blessing.

We offered the Gaia Meditation immediately after the session’s end, with me offering the closing prayer. Then we supped and enjoyed the pussycats until our bedtime.