Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Autumn has crept into Kentucky! The day warmed, gradually, into the seventies and went from a morning of gray light to a radiant afternoon. Leaves are beginning to whisper to the ground of the coming winter’s sleep. Jim says he will attach his mulching plates in a couple of weeks. Here come the leaves! I welcome the cooler weather with open arms. I love with an intense passion the turning of the cycles of life. How beautiful they are, stately and round, always rolling onward.

Jim had a supposedly easy day today because of dry weather, but in mowing rough ground his equipment snagged on a small but stubborn branch and a connection was lost that Jim could not fix. So he had to push his heavy mower out of the brush and onto the trailer somehow. The resulting 90 minutes of domino disasters damaged both of his mowers, his trailer and his trimmer traps. Sometimes the cost of doing business is both physical and emotional!

I knew something was up when he failed to keep an appointment with me for stretching in mid-afternoon. He did finally succeed in getting the mower to the repair shop and banged out the dings in his trailer. I believe he shall need to replace the trimmer trap.

He was still muttering about branches as evening fell!

I had a morning of working on Chapter Two of The Choice 101 book. I am still working in the service-to-others section, talking about making that first choice and then building on that. It is very synchronistic that we are reading the new Ekhart Tolle book, New Earth, in Morning Offering. The material is quite complementary to my own book’s material.

Work on the book ended early as I had made an appointment with Images Salon for a styling and make-up. I wanted to look my best for the publicity photos. I need a color shot of myself for the UPI column and a black and white photo for the author picture in both the Book of Days, when it comes out, and the 2005 Annual of our channeling sessions. I do not know what the production status of those projects is. They could be a while in maturing. However they are out of my hands now, until the time comes to write an introduction to each of them.

From the salon to the photographer, I went while imagining myself wrapped in plastic so as to preserve the “do”! The photographer was very quick to see what was needed and took a total of 150 shots, both in and around his studio and a block away at Camelot, where he took lots of shots in our back yard. I feel confident that we shall find good publicity shots for me from all of that. And it is good to have that in the works. My UPI editor, Larry, is gently wondering where that shot is. Soon, Larry, soon!

I spent a bit of time with both Gary and Lynn, agreeing to a time for a special session of channeling with Gary and signing a couple of checks for Lynn. One of the checks was to Gary, a bit early as he is going to New York City to the Omega Institute’s workshop by Grof tomorrow and needs the cash for the journey. Grof’s web site address is, if you’d like to check up on his interest.

Then I came upstairs to my bower office to work on the suggestions scientific expert Steve M had made concerning Chapter One. He’s a dandy! He made excellent suggestions. It feels really good to know that my language is accurate when talking about scientific matters. It is really easy for a writer untrained in science to use words incorrectly.

Just as Jim called bath time I let my choirmistress, Lisa, at St. Luke’s know that I will attend choir practice tomorrow. I have gotten enough used to this uncomfortable situation – chronic Montezuma’s Revenge, to put it succinctly – that I think I can sing OK. I look forward to being in the middle of the music again.

Jim got a huge box of books packed and ready to ship to Amazon. I would guess that someone has talked about the Ra Material on a national show, as orders spike when that happens. It is very satisfying to see the Law of One series go out our doors. I know that material is as helpful as words on paper get.

Jim and I had a most pleasant evening taking in Democracy Now before descending to supper and conversation. Gary offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation. Jim and I said good night around 11 PM.