Monday, September 18, 2006


The Sabbath dawned clear and sweet as I got the big newspaper in from the road. It was housekeeping morning for Jim and after we enjoyed the paper together – we do not do Morning Offerings when there will be a meditation meeting – Jim spent the morning spiffing up the house with vacuum cleaner and duster. Dan D., our gray-striped tabby kitten, dearly loves the fluffy dusting wand and darts along, playing with it, between dusting targets, with Jim cooperating and playing right back.

After I finished the Sunday puzzles I came upstairs to clear my desk. About the time I had the paperwork cleared, it was lunch time and we enjoyed a fast food treat. Then Jim was off to get the last of his yard work done before time for the meeting. I came back up to do e-mail.

I had heard from Sandie and wrote her concerning some girlfriend time in October. I dearly love time with Sandie as she shares my enjoyment of consignment store shopping. I stick to the clearance racks and love to snag garments that are of excellent quality, that fit and that I like. The low, low price is also a factor! She and I have the best time fishing through such stores together. I shall also enjoy catching up with Sandie. She’s had a real siege of time and attention needed by her family, as her stepfather went through his last illness and death recently.

I also wrote Steve F. a thoughtful letter concerning the three broadcasts we did under the aegis of Romi and Bruce last May. Many people had let us know they enjoyed those. However, Romi missed the meditations a lot and we decided that it would not be good for him to give up being a participant in the circle of seeking in order to man the equipment needed to keep a broadcast going.

Steve is a fan of the channeling also, but he tends to sleep through the actual sessions. He is extremely savvy about computers, being the creative force behind his own business, which is a software management firm. I thought that if he liked the idea, he would be a good fit for taking on the volunteer position.

I got word back from my UPI editor that I could not append a footnote to the Indigo article on home-schooling. Monica L had written in with a good deal of further information on that angle which I wanted to share with readers. However the editor, Larry, suggested that I make another article on Indigos from this new information. I decided that was a good idea, and saw the angle I want to take, which is that we are all teaching each other. So I wrote Monica again, asking for stories from her wide experience. People relate better to an article, I think, if there is a story! Just the facts, ma’am, is for cop shows!

Tim M had written in to say that he would not connect with us by telephone from Britain for this session, as he had planned, but would hope to call in for our next channeling session on October first. I congratulated him on getting all moved in and sent him all good wishes as he hunts for work. He and his wife moved from Australia to England in order to be available for caretaking of their elderly parents, all of whose health is failing. Now they are in the right place, and all that needs to be completed is the right livelihood that can pay their bills! It is an all too common challenge. Fiona has found work, but Tim, educated as a tech guy with engineering degrees and also as a clinical psychologist, has yet to find his niche. Whoever does hire him will have a wonderful worker! I sent him a job angel!

Carmen, Connie and Ed joined us for the talk around the circle, with Lynn coming in to join the actual meditation session from the office, where she had been working on the books. The question had to do with how the energies of the new age affect those who are trying to open their hearts, and also how it affects those who are not trying to do so. We also fielded a couple of questions from those who had written in with them over the summer. We still are backed up on those questions but we will eventually get them all asked, I am sure.

Connie offered me a Reiki session after the channeling which really took down the level of discomfort I was experiencing. It was wonderful to see Connie after a whole summer apart. Connie lives about an hour and a half from here, too far for casual visiting, and so during the summer when we don’t have sessions we really miss her!

Ed bade farewell to everyone after the session and headed for his Tennessee home. I had a short session with Lynn over some details which had gone awry and then shared a pleasant supper with Mick and Gary, who came in from Cracker Barrel after a hard day’s work. After the Gaia Meditation we went up to snuggle with Sedgie and the other kitties and said good night around 11 PM.