Friday, September 15, 2006


It was a blessing to awaken to a clear and promising day! That autumn feeling is suddenly pervading our area. For the first time I can feel the earth getting drowsy, making itself a cup of cocoa and preparing for its winter sleep. I love this change of seasons! Cooler weather means sweaters, which are my favorite apparel of all.

Jim rock and rolled out after Morning Offering and set out to mow two estate lawns and then spread mulch for another customer. Meanwhile I worked until lunchtime on Chapter Two of The Choice, just starting the chapter on polarity. I am not sure I like what I have done yet! I will have to review it on the morrow.

After a lunch break with Mick, I started on the editing for the second Aaron/Q’uo weekend, getting into the fourth page before moving on to e-mail. Somehow that Inbox stacks up, no matter how many matters Gary handles in the downstairs office! Before Jim called bath time I
- Wrote a memo to Gary to remind him to check up with known participants of the upcoming Midwinter Gathering in order to find a good weekend for the event. We need to fix that date before I write the next Gatherings Newsletter.
- Finished collecting recipes from a cookbook Sandie S had donated to us and sent them on to Gary to put into our recipes database.
- Confirmed with Dianne S our date for tomorrow at lunch.
- Caught up with our web guy on several small matters, mostly personal. His wife has some health problems and he and Jim have both dealt with fairly helpless ladies, physically speaking, from time to time. Right now, she is getting ready for hip replacement surgery, a big step for her and crunch time for the helper as well.
- Wrote Judy R on a couple of editing points interesting only to lovers of the language. However I’ll tell you anyway! It seems that nowadays it is common usage to put only one space between sentences. Back when Judy and I were in the salad days of our lives, one inserted two spaces between sentences. And also, these days, it is not necessary to put a comma before the “and” in a series. These two issues had kept my spellchecker very busy for a while, earlier
- Responded to Sarah B at MacDuffie, who asked me to call my classmates and urge them to attend the reunion this October. I explained to her that there was no use in such efforts. I promised her, however, that I would indeed go all out for the 50th reunion, which is in five years.
- Thanked Pupie for her news of the British study group.
- Let Melissa know that we needed her snail mail address so we could send her an information packet from our 2006 Homecoming. Jim and I both had one, so Jim donated his copy to Melissa. It’s ready to mail except for that all-important detail – the address.
- Wrote Gary to let him know the results of my conversation with our web guy. He will put up a link to the Homecoming photos on our home page. He also suggested to Gary that perhaps it would be good to include that information packet as well, and so I asked Gary to send him that document, over which Gary labored before the Homecoming, getting all my UPI articles on the chakras together and also spiffing up my collections of Ra quotes on each chakra.
- Wrote Dan (Dan []) to thank him for a quite insightful article on immunity. He seems to have a mailing list for these articles, so I include his address in case you’d like to see what sort of insight he comes up with. I enjoy his very positive energy.
- Wrote Judy C to thank her for her good wishes and her intention to find me some rare books about which I had written her. I have an ongoing wish list on, but the software will not let me put on the list items which are not available new. So I sent a supplementary out-of-print list to her, as her business is finding and selling second-hand books via the internet. She comes across all manner of good items at Goodwill stores and yard sales. As a librarian, I know she’s a very good source. Especially when someone dies who has a very special library collection, often the heirs have no idea of its value and they simply donate the books to charity or sell them off for pennies at a yard sale.
- Let Gary know I have called the Falk Audio people again to ask them to send our masters for the tapes we offer to Rick C in Maine. Rick will remaster them on to CDs.
- Thanked Monica L for her insightful comments on home-schooling for Indigo Children.
- Wrote Larry M at UPI to find out how to append Monica’s comments to the original article for others to see.
- Thanked Jean-Claude K for his kind remarks concerning this week’s UPI article and complimenting him on his own columns. He also writes for UPI’s Religion and Spirituality section and his column is called “Shooting Dead Horses”.

I was exhausted this evening, far more weary than is logical for one who is at present eschewing even the gardening that constitutes my only outdoor exercise in deference to my present poor physical condition. I rolled over on to Jim’s broad shoulder and snoozed away the TV time until supper. It felt so good! Mick roused me for suppertime and the Gaia Meditation. I offered the prayer. Instead of speaking the prayer I sang a song on to tape for Ed, who is visiting Gary until Sunday’s meeting. The song is called “Beulah Land”. I love that hymn, as it talks about the safe place we all have in our own minds and hearts, where the sun is always shining, the fountain of life runs sparkling clear and the manna is ever bountiful. We all need a high country spot in our hearts to shelter us when things get tough.

Jim and I spent the remainder of the evening patting Sedgie, who somehow continues on, shaky and barely here but utterly devoted, purring and kneading himself silly and attending most carefully to the voices of his humans. We said good night at 11 PM.