Thursday, September 07, 2006


This was the day I intended to start the cleansing program for helping myself heal from whatever condition is laying me low, but we did not have bottled water on hand which was part of the program, and my distilled water supply was inadequate. I will prepare to start that two-week cleansing program later this week or over the weekend.

My morning was devoted, after Jim’s and my Morning Offering, to writing an article for UPI. Since we just had the Homecoming, I decided to write something about that. It was a flow of what’s-happened-recently and took little hard thought, but I think it turned out OK.

I broke for lunch and then had conferences with both Lynn and Gary. Lynn was working out details of the bookkeeping and Gary was working with the photographs from the weekend, to which I had written captions. He decided to put the photos up not on my blog but elsewhere with a link from the blog text. Halfway through this process, stopped by a glitch which lost him hours of work in one heartbeat, with an error message only to mark the grave, he realized he did not like this particular “snapfish” web site anyway, as it would require our readers to register and establish an account before they could view the photos. Neither of us thought that sounded very friendly. Gary sought information from several savvy sources by e-mail and he believes the solution Jeremy proposed later in the afternoon will work the best. We SHALL get the photos up soon.

Actually, we have some digital photos coming in from Travis and Tom as well as these, and Tom took the group photos which we especially will like to show, so the project is not at all done yet.

Beth P, my beloved friend since she was 14 and I was 19 and our L/L Vice President’s sister, was in town from Nova Scotia to visit with her dad, who is ailing and probably not long for this world. It is a fascinating phenomenon, the expression of true love. It takes many forms. Beth’s parents, wonderful people, were always devoted. They expressed their love by bickering. There was always a discussion going on with claws sheathed but sarcasm unsheathed. For well over fifty years this worked for them. They raised four incredibly bright and light-filled children. I was blessed with many visits to the old homestead, where they raised horses and where the Kentucky hills always looked their very best. Her mom especially was enormously religiously oriented and a kind of lay preacher in the way she could offer excellent advice. They both had loving hearts and hospitality a mile wide.

Beth’s Mom began to lose her health about ten years ago and spent a lot of her last years bedbound. Her dad waited on her mom hand and foot, still bickering happily away with her. For the last months, her mom was barely there, but her dad was tremendously comforted by her now silent presence.

She was in a coma for days before she died. At the last, her husband knelt by the bed to come as close as he could to her and told her how much he loved her. Her last movement in this life was to turn her head towards him, even in her coma, and reach out her hand to his beloved face.

Naturally, without his wife to bicker with him, his health has failed since her death. Since the funeral a few months ago he has lost weight and memory. So Beth is in town to spend time with him. Unlike most of our girlfriend times, which last for hours and hours of giggles and deep conversations and silences with hands held between us, this was a businesslike visit, not even two hours long. But we still had time for our hearts-together time. We always do. Even if we are just together and cannot speak, as at the funeral, we look into each others’ eyes and it is all there.

And often in meditation I will be aware of Beth and Morris. Their love for me, and mine for them, is an inner sun. I even get a sense of how they are doing. And this is without volition. We are just close. This is no surprise, since hypnotic regressions Elkins had done back in the seventies link us all in a prior life, elsewhere in time and space, in another density, in the life before we chose as a group to come to Earth for a stint as wanderers here.

When Beth had left I needed to conference with Lynn again. Lynn is camping on our property and we worked out some details. Then until bath time I came back upstairs to work on mail, writing some thank you notes.

It had been a tough day for me physically and I was tickled to relax and enjoy a very quiet evening, watching Amy Goodman’s news, reading on Papa’s letters and a new romance by Jude Devereaux, a favorite writer of mine. We offered the Gaia Meditation and had a late supper and an early bedtime.