Sunday, September 03, 2006


Homecoming 2006 unrolled today here at Camelot with a houseful of good people ready to create a weekend together. We started the day sharing Jim’s and my Morning Offering before taking up our information packets on the chakras and starting with our discussions of them.

Throughout the day we discussed the first three chakras, each in turn. Then, instead of Steve T’s giving us a talk as he had planned, Steve led a reading and further discussion of the quotes on the first three chakras from the packet. The group was responding to a request to study the source material more closely.

In the middle of the afternoon we had built in a fairly long break, thinking that perhaps some people would wish to visit downtown Louisville or otherwise leave the campus, but the person who went the furthest was I! And I did not go far! But the closeness of the house, with so many people, had made me crave air and space, and so I got out my little scooter and went for a spin around the neighborhood. I have an electric chair that does really well on the road. Several of the participants walked along with me and it was a good break from the focused discussions.

We had made our own breakfasts and lunches but for the evening meal we chose to visit a local Mexican restaurant, Ernesto’s. The evening was remarkably mild and pleasant and we ate al fresco.

The Gaia Meditation was amazing with so many people in the circle! Romi offered the ending prayer, after which Mick and I came upstairs and relaxed until bedtime with the cats. With the house full, for once we had all four kitties right on hand!

I think the “birds of a feather” effect is in full swing. It feels like a good gathering and I am thankful. Tom, Gary and Travis were all snapping photos all day and they have promised to share the images with me. I shall try to create a photo gallery of the weekend in this journal when I receive them all.