Tuesday, August 29, 2006


What a moody day this has been! It was raining steadily when I got the paper, a soaking rain we need badly and so we rejoice! However when you’re in the mowing business, such weather can put a crimp in your schedule. Jim was forced to find several other occupations this morning while the weather blew through. Finally, after lunch he was able to get back to his mowing schedule and got everything accomplished, arriving home around 7 PM, two hours late but exceedingly relieved.

I had to giggle at myself, because after Morning Offering, feeling quite poorly still, I nevertheless could not stand to rest any more. So I came up to the office and batted away at the accumulated e-mail all day, clearing it to the present day. I
- Encouraged Dana, who is recovering from yet another operation in Utah
- Wrote Beth, Helen and Ann P. about Jim’s and my MacDuffie Reunion travel plans by e-mail and wrote my roommate, Ann B, by snail mail as apparently my e-mail address for her has gone bad
- Sent Barbara L at the Noyes School of Rhythm, where I danced throughout my childhood every summer, as did my mother and grandmother, to let them know my younger brother’s new address
- Wrote classmate, Lee R, to thank her for her alumna news – I am class captain for the grand old year of 1961, the year I graduated high school
- Made another stab at finding girlfriend time for Dianne S, who is in the midst of moving house, and asked her if she had some extra bedside tables or a desk and chair for one of our guest rooms which was depleted by the former occupants’ leaving with said items
- Wrote Terry H on a translation question – he is translating The Law of One into Chinese - and also to explain to him that asking the Q’uo about where Genghis Khan is now is not a good idea! I suggested he consult a psychic who has an inner planes guide. Inner planes guides have no problem interfering with free will, as they are planetary natives and have the right to mix it up on Earth. The Confederation does not. So we stick with spiritual principles when questioning, at least on my watch.
- Wrote Michele M, who is drawing images of the chakra system for the Choice books, encouraging her efforts and explaining more of what I was hoping to see
- Thanked Paul, Linda, Dave and Jean-Claude, all of whom had written to say they liked my Indigo Child article
- Wrote to encourage Lindy T as she completes her move to North Carolina, which is heavenly country to see. She sent many photos. Jim and I always enjoyed traveling through the Carolinas back when our budget could afford vacations at the sea. We always went to Pawleys Island, South Carolina, and oh, how I’d love to be there again! I am in bliss when I can see and hear the ocean. My Cancerian nature just blooms on sand and surf. Lindy’s kids are grown and gone, and this move is for her! I am so proud of her to have managed, alone, to raise two children and send them well on their way. When I first met Lindy at Puharich’s Mind Link in 1977, she was a teenager, very psychic and service-oriented, but basically unformed. She has made a wonderful life for herself and her family.

Several times I felt poorly enough to stop working on the laptop and lie back in the chair, and just went to sleep in my recliner, but still I enjoyed the day more for getting something done!

With Jim still not home, I worked at the desk for a while, writing a thank you note to Wendy Jane, who had sent me some delectable apricots from California, and processing all the paperwork which Gary had put in my Inbox up here, not knowing how to proceed without instruction. By bath time I was almost clear at the desk.

Estimating my energy and situation, I am guessing that I will count myself fortunate to finish the desk work, complete all computer chores not having to do with writing or editing and in general get completely caught up with trivia before the Gathering this coming weekend. I’ll need to write the second part of the Indigo Child article for UPI, but the research for that is done and the Q’uo has had good things to say about this subject, so I have only to write the article out, an enjoyable and do-able job.

My hope is to finish the Homecoming weekend and have better health by then, and a good shot at getting back to work on the writing, plus the older editing I wish to include in my workday. I look forward to a visit with the doctor tomorrow which may shed light on what’s got me flattened physically. It would be great if the doc could find something to fix! Here’s hoping.

Jim was half past exhausted after his long day and after our bath we subsided into an evening of being with Sedgie, who continues to purr and want to be with us but not to eat or drink, and each other. We shared supper, conversation and the Gaia Meditation with Gary and came up to bed early.