Wednesday, August 23, 2006


After Morning Offering, I worked on collecting material for my UPI article, which I will write tomorrow, on Indigo Children, so-called. We have gotten quite a few questions about them in various channeling sessions so I collected Q’uotes from our own archives as well as browsing some internet sources. I regretted having to take time away from the book’s writing, but Larry, my editor at UPI, asked me to write on this specific topic and I had never informed myself of the consensus-reality opinion on the subject. It should be fun to create the article.

After lunch I headed out once again to the Social Security Administration’s local office – this time well within their office hours – and gave them my name-change form. I am finally finished with that little project. It’s only taken a year or so to accomplish what seemed at the outset to be a very simple thing. It is a sign of the times that it would take so very much paperwork, patience and perseverance to alter the statistical information in government and corporate databases on my name. I think this is a time when one’s personal security and freedom are very fragile things.

I remember back in the late seventies and early eighties, when Don Elkins and I were sharing time and projects with Andrija Puharich, who was under government surveillance at the time, that we were investigated by some portion of the government. Our mail was opened. Our neighbors were questioned. We had both an inside and an outside tap on our telephones according to someone who knew how to check for those things. I realize most taps are undetectable, but ours was ludicrously obvious. You could not even get a line at first try. I used to pick up the receiver and apologize! I’d say into the empty phone, “I am so sorry you have to sit through my call to my Mom. It will be very boring.”

Then I would get a dial tone and could proceed with the call. This went on for some years until I think someone finally realized that we were very normal and uninterested in doing anything clandestine or politically provocative. We’ve been left in peace these twenty years and more. I am grateful!

However I have no doubt that these same governmental agencies are, even now, doing the same thing to other, equally innocent folks who know the wrong people and got on some government list. It’s a crying shame that the times are such that we not only tolerate but support such invasion of privacy.

When I returned from Social Security I got back into the Inbox, which yielded my work for the afternoon.

I had finally gotten Ann P’s e-address and sent her the same information on the MacDuffie reunion as Beth and Helen had. I am still trying to find the other Ann, Ann B’s, e-address. I suppose I shall need to call her sister-in-law, who lives in Louisville, and get reconnected with Ann. She was my roommate at MacDuffie and I’d love her to be part of our little group. These women are so dear to me! I can’t wait to see them.

I wrote to Dave G, Bill G, Julian D and Linda P, who had written in about the UPI article I did last week on “Think Love”. They loved the article, which was very heart-opening.

Throughout the afternoon I worked with Scott H, who had written a Wiki article on Don Elkins for that encyclopedia. He had gotten some details really wrong and we got them smoothed out.

Dianne S and I traded another round of notes trying to find a clear date to meet for lunch and general wisecracks and giggles – well, actually she is one of my most serious minded of friends! But we do giggle too – only to come up short, because her schedule is full of moving details as she takes her household from small-town ways to rural ones, moving out Avalon way, northeast of Louisville. When Jim and I get moved up there ourselves in the misty future it will be so great to have Dianne living close by.

My last work before closing the office for the day was to work on some questions for an upcoming session for Marcelo G. His letter was full of good energy but he had not achieved a good enough focus for me to be able to edit his questions. After all, I want the session to be his, not mine! Editing a person’s questions for Q’uo is a very delicate process which I do, if I get the chance, for channeling clients. I have come to know the Q’uo group’s attitude pretty well and I can predict whether a given question will get a satisfactory answer. Rewording already-existing questions to focus on spiritual principles rather than direct information or advice is my editing goal. Marcelo’s thoughts were not well enough focused for me to reword anything without putting in my own distortions.

So I wrote him suggesting that certain phrases out of his long letter seemed to me to be key. I asked him to set his priority for the main question and formulate both that question and any others. When he gets that far, then I can help spiff up the questions for maximum effectiveness.

The problem most people have with questions is that they treat the Q’uo group as though it were an inner guide. Inner guides have incarnated here on earth. They have no problem with free will. They can give advice all day with no loss of polarity.

The Confederation entities are not from around here. They have no right to interfere with Earth matters. They are here to disseminate thoughts which have a certain vibration. Their area of work is fairly well laid out by the Council of Saturn. It is to discuss spiritual principles when asked. So the idea of the editing is to change a question like “Is my child an indigo Child,” which will get no answer at all, to “I feel that my child is an Indigo Child. Please confirm this and discuss any spiritual principles which you feel might be helpful to me as I think about this.” That will get a fair answer.

I was a good ten minutes late getting to gardening because of my sweet little Chloe, our ever-growing kitten. She has a habit of stopping by and giving me all kinds of purrs and kneading paws and putting her silky body against mine so that she can lick my neck or ear. It’s the most devoted action I have ever seen in a cat. She persisted with this cunning sweet-talk for a long time and I was not about to miss it!

Eventually she simply fell asleep in mid-purr, so I went out into the glorious Kentucky sunshine and weeded more lily canes, plus some wild flowers which had taken over in a corner of the rose garden. They had a beautiful indigo bloom with little yellow tongues. However when the bloom was over, the tall, tall stems started to turn brown, so they needed to be removed.

Jim called me in for a restorative bath and whirlpool and after some relaxation time we went into the downstairs office to get some books mailed out. I did the QuickBooks forms for the bookkeeper and Jim wrapped and stamped.

Then Romi showed up. He wanted to get the glitch fixed which he had found in our network, and spent some time on the computer ordering parts. We enjoyed the Gaia Meditation and watched part of an old James Bond movie while we chatted with Gary. We all said good night around 11 PM.