Sunday, August 13, 2006


Saturday morning dawned sweet and clear, the air washed from all the rain. I baked caramel brownies for church after Jim and I offered our Morning Prayers while Jim baked a turkey and made some caramelized potatoes to go with. Gary cooked the vegetable dishes later in the day.

After lunch, I tackled the wrapping project again while Jim got two large-sized garbage bags full of weeds from the plantings in the yard. By the end of the afternoon, Jim was weed-eating the yard. I came out for an hour of weeding in the lily patch by the garage, getting two ten-gallon buckets’ worth of dead leaves and sycamore debris out of the lily leaves plus a big load of branches and twigs. The sycamore has to be one of the “dirtiest” trees in existence, dropping leaves, long rolls of bark and branches from June onwards each year until autumn’s deciduous routine cleans the tree for the winter.

I was absolutely exhausted and spent a goodly part of the evening dozing in my chair. Jim and I came upstairs to snuggle after the Gaia Meditation and said good night about midnight.