Friday, August 04, 2006


Oh, the sun shone bright on my old Kentucky home today! The heat wave peaked today, supposedly. We can hope! Jim set out after Morning Offering to mow two large properties and do some gardening and I started on the Introduction to The Choice 101. I dived into that and did not surface except for lunch, until 3 PM. I got most of the writing done, leaving only the last section to cover, that being Harvest. So far I like the plan for writing that I have conceived, where the only quotes I use are placed, by themselves, under section headings.

I had to grin as I retired a whole bunch of quote sheets which I did not use. I knew going in that the coverage was generous, but I know my ways, and one of my ways is that I really, really like choices. When I get to a section and think, now how does this part of the story want to go, I hold the sheets, each containing a quote on that section, in my hands and the right one almost hails me like a cab. I’m very tactile.

With that much done I decided to see if I could get some old editing done, so I pulled up the speech on the higher chakras which I had given at Wooded Glen last year. This is probably the speech that led several participants to request the chakras for this year’s Homecoming study, but with lots of discussion instead of people just listening to the speeches, so I wanted to get that up on our archive site. Paul C. just got it transcribed this last week. I got about a third of it edited before it was time to garden.

Melissa caught me on my way out and we agreed that if Rosie cannot do the bookkeeping, she will look further in the local business schools for Melissa's replacement. I am very fortunate that she is taking responsibility for choosing and training her successor. The bookkeeping can get hairy, since three corporate entities are involved, Jim’s lawn service business, the household and L/L Research. Keeping the accounts straight is a challenge.

It was back to de-caning the day-lilies today in the garden. I am beginning to make some progress around the fish pond but there is about half of the work yet to do on the lily canes, as we have the lilies all over the yard.

Even with all the recent rain, the ground is drying out fast. It was trying to rain all day but nothing ever hit the ground. I suspect we’re going into the draughty part of the summer. I hope not! I do love a summer storm. And the nature spirits are so happy when the ground is well watered!

The rest of the evening was relaxation for Jim and me. We were very energized by Amy Goodman’s news. Her program this evening was concerning the various unfortunate decisions of the Israelis which have cost the lives of so many children in Lebanon. Human Rights Watch leader Buchert was able to offer facts, images and statistics to reveal the details of where Hizbollah militia is encamped and where Israeli bombs were dropped. They do not at all match. It is good to get the facts out. Naturally I do not know the intricacies of policy for these nations. I only see a playground bully pounding the stuffing out of a much weaker classmate. I am sure my views are crude and naïve. Yet the picture of humankind wounding its own body comes through loudly and clearly, whateveer the interpretation. I mourn for our loss of polarity as a planet. And I set my intention to love this mess with all my heart.

Mick and I had a wonderful time watching silly sitcoms after the Gaia Meditation and playing with the cats, all of whom graced us with their company. We said good night around 11 PM.