Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I believe Kentucky is setting some heat records these days, as is a lot of the world this summer. After Morning Offering Jim went to mow in what was guaranteed to be over 100 degrees of heat index – the actual temperature stayed in the high nineties – while I came upstairs to do the search for Law of One quotes on the violet ray. I found the search productive and provocative. I had not remembered just how central this seemingly quiet center is, even though we cannot work with it in our spiritual walk. It will be a fascinating challenge to try to capture that in the UPI article I plan to write tomorrow.

I was still working on the last of this job when Jim breezed in for lunch, a rare treat! We ate and then stretched together before Jim headed back out for the afternoon’s work. I took on the Preface for The Choice 101 and spent a couple of hours polishing it. I ended up pretty happy with it. It will be grand to be back to writing on the Introduction to 101 after I get this article done.

I had a good talk with Gary about the packet for the Homecoming 2006. It will be a good one this year, as I have chosen to write the UPI articles concerning the chakras with this gathering in mind. The articles themselves, plus the supporting quotes from the LOO sessions, will make a good body of material to hand out to the participants. It will be the springboard for their own thoughts and questions during our discussions that weekend.

Gary and I talked about putting the whole body of material up on the internet when we get B4 up anew. For now, that thought will have to wait!

The new blog is very good and will work just fine for taking my Camelot Journal entries. However neither Gary nor I could work the photo software when we tried again today. When Romi came over after work, he and Gary tackled that software and after several tries, Gare and Ro were able to post a photo. However they reported to me that the ability comes and goes on that site and one has to do the process repeatedly, between three and six times, in order for the software to work. It seems random. Further, there is only allowed room on this free site for a small number of photos per blog. I had been posting each day with a photo or two on B4. For now I will post to the blog without photos and look to the open possibilities of the future with hope!

Terry H had written in with several more translation questions as he works at translating session 86 of TLOO into Chinese and I worked with those questions.

Ian sent in a report on site work. He has done 50 Days already from the Book of Days project – I had hoped for one or two Days per day, so this was fabulously fortunate news! I congratulated him and in turn let him know how effectively the letters he has been putting up, from my “taped letter” period when I was flat on my back in the late eighties, cover some topics about which we don’t have that much other material in the transcripts. Site searches have proven to me that those letters really cover a lot of material on the spiritual seeking process. I am so grateful we have them thanks to our volunteers’ transcriptions.

Jo D has requested a personal channeling session for later this month and I worked with her questions, sending her my tweaked version of them for her approval.

Lastly, I let Melissa know that she needs to look further than Gary for a bookkeeper to replace her. Gary turned the job down as he will be attending classes this fall and he does not believe he can find the extra work time to do the job.

Feeling the call of the garden I plunged into the hypnotic heat of the day for a session of “pick up sticks”. The day-lily canes were ready to leave their roots and until Jim called bath time I started the long process of removing them from around the fishpond and other places in the yard. Since Jim and I adore day-lilies, we have planted them thickly through the years, and it takes a while to remove them from the yardscape. I got about a quarter of the way around the big fishpond. And oh, what a great time I will have weeding around that pond when I get the canes all pulled! There are abundant stores of easy pickings in under the big leaves of the lilies which will be a pleasure to clean out.

After our bath Jim and I came upstairs to watch some Democracy Now. Once again it was absolutely fascinating to see the various faces and hear the voices of those in the Middle East to whom this sudden killing is occurring. I felt much love of all of the people of planet Earth well up in my heart as the images and facts of casual slaughter, casually defended as necessary and unfortunate, streamed before my eyes.

A lovely e-mail from a friend informed me about the “Think Love” campaign which a woman in Australia started recently. Her e-address is Her material feels wonderful and is at the heart of the direction of L/L Research’s efforts. I’m getting the T shirt, folks! It is a powerful impulse and idea! Do check her out. This is the kind of grass roots spiritual activism that may well help this planet shift its consciousness very successfully in the generation ahead. It is the antidote to fear and that feeling of powerlessness which propaganda is so good at engendering.

Jim got the books for which we did the paperwork last night all wrapped and ready to mail while I read on my letters from Papa. Papa’s wit was in savage style as he took on nothing less than the march of history and the role of the Roman Catholic Church in that march. He will switch from a discussion of the weather to such profound topics in the same paragraph so I have to read every word carefully! It is easy to miss things, and I don’t want to miss one pun, let alone an idea.

Mick and I relaxed after the Gaia Meditation, a late supper and a good conversation with Romi and Gary, upstairs with the cats until about 11:30 before seeking our beds.