Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It was over one hundred degrees outside in terms of the heat index all day. The full power of a Kentucky summer is ON! Jim and his two gallons of ice – he freezes the water overnight, then places the big containers next to his truck in the full sun during his working hours, where it obligingly melts more and more, all day, giving Mick his icy water on demand – headed out to mow some serious lawns after Morning Offering. I came up to the office to rewrite my letter to the forums and send it on to Gary, as my access to B4 is not working. I spent some time with that before I was satisfied and then got the letter sent to Gary so that he could post it for me to all the forums, as his access to B4 is working fine.

When Gary came on admin duty later in the morning he and I tried for quite some time to get the photo I had planned to use to attach to the entry I had written in order to post it to the blog, but so far, no luck. I went ahead and posted the text and vowed to do some research into the blogger.com software. It is clear that the software allows one to post images, as there is an image=adding icon. I have successfully uploaded the image belonging to that entry no less than three times and Gary did it once also. What neither of us can discover, so far, is how to place that image in the entry once the blogger software has captured the image. Wish us luck tomorrow!

Then I had some lunch and came back to the office to sit down and write a thank you letter to Jeremy, who re-created the B4 site when it was hacked down last year. He did such a great job. We greatly appreciate all his hard work.

When I finished that letter it was time to head out to the service department at Subaru to get my car maintained. I brought Papa’s teaching letters with me to study and had a fine time chortling over his bon mots and wondering at his acumen for ninety minutes or so while Stanley, my Outback, got lubed and changed of oil, with a pristine air filter to top off the new do. There is nothing perkier than a car who has just had his oil changed! Stanley and I varoomed home with a scant half-hour to work before bath time.

I responded to two questions from Terry, who is now translating Session 87 of the Law of One sessions into Chinese. Then I had the delicious pleasure of responding to our web guy’s questions about the Book of Days! As totally swamped in other activities as he is, he still finds time somehow to work on our project! That was a rush!

After our bath Jim and I came upstairs to enjoy for the first time my new bed, which had been delivered while Gary and I struggled with the blogger photo software. It is THE most comfortable mattress I personally have ever experienced! We got our two sides all adjusted to our preferences in “sleep numbers” and settled in to watch Amy Goodman’s news show, Democracy Now.

Robert Fisk was interviewed again as well as others who are able to report the news of this Lebanese inundation by Israeli bombs. While Fisk talked, the film footage behind his reportage was of Lebanese medical workers placing a large number of babies and young children who had been killed in bombing in a long line on the ground for processing. The officials had run out of plastic bags, so they had gone into the markets and bought ultra-thin carpets which they used instead. They were rolling the corpses in these little carpets and then affixing their names and ages on plastic tags, trying to maintain some semblance of the usual governmental response to such catastrophic clumps of deaths.

The important thing here is not that “they” are doing something wrong and “we” must stop them. What I try to focus on is that we are one body, we people of Earth. So whatever we do to another, we do to ourselves. Those tiny, carpet wrapped corpses lying in the Lebanese sunshine represent wounds to the body of ourself, of the tribe of humanity. We need to love each other through to a more profound understanding of “peace”. For peace is not the absence of shooting. Peace is something far more profound and intangible: an attitude and way of being that comes from within.

After the Gaia Meditation and a late supper, Jim and I sat down together and got the QuickBooks paperwork done for a dozen or so orders which had come into our post office box address. Tomorrow night, Jim will package the orders up and get them all ready to mail. The kittens were with us during this chore and we got some cute images of them helping us. If we ever get the photo software figured out, I promise to share them!

The photo today – which may or may not actually show up in this entry – is a tip of the hat to our bountiful day lilies, which have finally run through their blooming season. Here is a July sixth image of a particularly lovely bloom by the big fishpond, with another variety just coming into bud right beside it.