Thursday, August 03, 2006


The Rose of Sharon hedge has bloomed more profusely and for longer this year than I can remember, some blossoms pink, running almost to red towards the center; some blossoms bluish and some white, with the yellow richness of the center pistil to set off the bloom’s symmetry. They must love the persistent heat, which was again in the high nineties today.

After Morning Offering, Mick went mowing and I wrote the article for UPI on the violet ray. It took the morning to finish it. Larry, my UPI editor, must have had some free time this morning, as he responded almost immediately, very kindly, with a note on how much he was enjoying the series. And Gary tells me the editor of Both Sides Now is going to run that whole chakra series in his periodical. Good news for the columnist and for the cause of discussing LOO concepts with a wider audience.

I had a girlfriend date with Janet F, at the Captain’s Quarters restaurant, which overlooks the Ohio River and is a most pleasant place to while away a summer’s day. Janet has been traveling, working as a nanny for her friend, who is a successful singer on tour, Joan O. Janet reported having a ton of fun, experiencing the many places in the USA where she has visited with the band and setting an intention in each place to be love there. She has a ritual she does to tell each place where she goes that she loves it. I am sure she has been steadily improving the American vibe all year!

Gary and I consulted after I got back from lunch on creating a packet for our Homecoming participants. I sent him by e-mail all the supporting work of LOO quotes on the various rays which I had collected, for that work is rough and needs organizing to get the contents in proper shape. I was rusty, when I began the series, on how to do a search and I got a lot of quotes out of place and some of them duplicated in my confusion. The UPI articles and the supporting quotes will make a handsome handout and help to focus the discussion during Homecoming.

We also talked about whether to record the proceedings this year. I am not in favor of doing so, since Jim and I will talk only about half an hour on each chakra. The other hour on each chakra will be spent with all participants discussing the material. I am rather in favor of – when we get B4 recreated – making a niche containing the contents of the packet of material we’ll hand out to the participants, so that those who cannot come to the Homecoming this year will have everything we can give them except, of course, that precious group of people to discuss the rays with. That, we cannot give them!

Melissa and I had a short planning meeting, discussing her getting a replacement for herself before she leaves town, signing checks and dealing with needed financial stuff.

Then I returned to my office to clear some e-mail and find some wood on my desk. I caught up with friends, helped Terry H again with some translation questions and recorded a couple of recurring appointments.

Gardening time today was spent pulling day-lily canes. I am now progressing around the big fishpond, having gotten perhaps one third of the area clear of the tall stems. I love the way they pop out of the ground, ready to come free. There’s fun in the sudden release of the cane, *pop*! They are happy to be harvested.

It is summer still, so no choir practice limited Jim’s and my fancy tonight, and Walker and Kays were playing at Clifton’s. We sashayed out into the sweet summer evening and took in a set and a half of their fine, fine music. We offered the Gaia Meditation in the car on our way home. The evening ended around midnight after a most pleasant snuggle with the kitty cats.