Saturday, August 12, 2006


The day dawned moody and lowering, so after Morning Offering, Jim and Gary got going at top speed to see if they could beat the rain, which was slated by forecasters to roll in at any time. In the event, they gloriously succeeded and came back for a late lunch, damp and delighted, all their mowing done.

Meanwhile I re-read and adjusted a good bit of the text in the science section and gotten on to starting the discussion of free will in Chapter One of The Choice 101.

Jim and I stretched and enjoyed the luxury of lunching together about 1:30. Then Gary, Jim and I all headed out on errands. Gary went off to get groceries; Jim had special diet cat food and pond maintenance on his mind and I had to go to the Driver’s License Bureau and the Social Security Administration office to drop off the finished name change documents from the court before going to Dr. June’s office for labs.

What a debacle of a run I had! The License Bureau said they did not need this document since my license is already under my right name. They suggested I take it to the county clerk, which I did. They did not need it either, since my car is titled under my right name. They suggested I take the document and have it appended to my deed for Camelot. I believe I shall encourage my lawyer to do that!

Then I went to the Social Security office, getting there just in time to see the lady inside, locking the door. “I just need to drop this off,” I said to her. “Come back when we are open,” she replied.

I proceeded to Dr. June’s office, where they drilled for blood, getting lucky on the third stick.

There had been accidents everywhere with the pounding rain, which had begun to fall in earnest at last during my trip. Again I fell into an ecstasy as I drove slowly homeward.

I had also done so earlier, during Jim’s and my stretching exercise. Since it was happening at that time, I linked hands with Jim to see if he could feel any of the energy that was pouring through me. He said he only felt great peace, not the surging perfection I was experiencing, but that it was still a remarkable experience. It has often troubled me that I cannot transfer this experience of certainty that all is well and perfect to anyone else. It is such a powerful experience! I want to share it with the world but I cannot.

My errands done, sort of, I changed clothes and gardened, weeding along the lilies on the south side of the garage and removing enough debris to uncover the opening corner of the beautiful stone work Jim did that defines the lily bed.

Our evening was spent in the most delicious relaxation. Eschewing TV and other entertainment, Jim and I were in a talking mood, so we just enjoyed ideas and each other, had a late supper and offered the Gaia Meditation, with Jim offering the prayer.

I have been half-fasting, keeping food very light and lightening up also on the alcohol intake, going from three times per week to one or two until I feel better. I am beginning to see a good difference but I have not corralled the flare-up yet.

This is the kind of health disturbance which doctors are pitifully bad at diagnosing or treating, as the transverse colon, which is where my woes are, is impossible to view without surgery, being too far down to explore from the top of the pipeline and too far up to explore from its nether end at the anus. So doctors tend to tell me, and people like me, that it is all in their minds. Piffle!

Whatever food particles have been caught there need to be removed, but regular laxatives do not work. What has worked in the past is the fasting, plus colonics, plus removing known allergens from the diet until the body is back in balance.

I wonder about how to write concerning this need to get to know your own body well enough to take responsibility for your wellness yourself. Doctors can do so little for so many common maladies! It is so important to get a grip and do things for yourself.

Sedgie, our nine-year-old cat who now has a diagnosis of cancer, also is having trouble eating today. He has had a good run with the alternative medications we have been giving him, but I believe the cancer may have begun to eliminate his eating ability. However he is still purring hugely and making a beeline for our laps whenever we light somewhere, so we know he still wants to be with us. What a blessing he is! Loose-limbed, a Siamese look-alike with big blue eyes, his devotion and affection swaddle us in love.

We all basked and enjoyed the Friday night glow and sought sleep around midnight.