Saturday, August 05, 2006


It was a relief to discover that the “cold front” which had petered out and given us no rain yesterday nevertheless offered us lower heat and humidity today. Indeed, for the first part of the day, it was absolutely perfect, in the seventies and full of sweet sunshine. Jim and Gary went a-mowing after our Morning Offering and I worked with the recipes Jim had chosen from my data base which were not yet in the proper format and got them looking good.

Then I came upstairs to address the 101 Introduction. By lunchtime I had finished the first rough draft of it! I am pleased that the writing is going so smoothly.

I was able to share lunch with Mick and Gary and stretch with Mick before they left again, Jim, to do maintenance on his mowers and Gary, to head out for shopping for our food for next week. I devoted the largest part of the afternoon to editing the speech I gave at Wooded Glen last year on the higher chakras. I am glad to get that done, as the Homecoming topic this year again has to do with the use of the chakras in working with the seeking process. It is good that people can refer to everything we have done previously on the chakras up on site.

It is my vague recollection that I did give one more talk on the blue and indigo rays at Wooded Glen last year, but that it was not recorded, so I believe all the material we have on the chakras from Wooded Glen is up on site, now.

I got an e-mail request from UPI for a photo to head my column. I tried to make an appointment with Craig P. for that but his e-mail address must have changed in the five years since he took my picture, so I shall go by his place tomorrow. It is only a block away, here in Anchorage. UPI wants a color shot. I imagine I will want a black and white head shot for the upcoming books, A Book of Days and the 2005 Annual of our channelings. So I shall arrange to have both versions done. Perhaps he can make one image into both color and black and white versions.

I sent the Preface and the Introduction off to Bill H, just to be sure I was on track with our plans – Bill is the fellow who encouraged me to write this series of Choice books, 101 through 103. I also sent the material off to Gary, who is my second pair of eyes on this material, watching out that my writing is very clear.

I sent the Wooded Glen speech on the higher chakras off to our web guy and headed out into the garden for some weeding. For some reason I was very dizzy and kept trying to fall over! I will bet, if I did the research I would find that I am having a “double critical” day on my bio-rhythms. However I persevered and removed canes from all of the side yard to the north by the large fishpond. I still have the back yard to go in collecting those stalks of the day-lilies whose glory has been spent for this year.

Jim came home after doing a bunch of errands, including buying more arbor vitae trees to protect us from our neighbors to the south, who have built a driveway directly by our living room windows, and a half-dozen day-lily plants to fill in around the base of our sycamore tree. He also watered the whole yard, for the first time this year. Draughty conditions seem to be prevailing.

After our bath I read in Papa’s teaching letters while Jim dealt on-line with Amazon’s “Advantage” vendor program which has balled up completely since they “improved” it. Apparently so many of their customers were unable to process their orders from Amazon that the Amazon crew had to create a whole new way for the unfortunate vendors to get their orders. Jim got all of the half-dozen orders, some of them quite large, printed out, finally, and filled before Romi came over.

Normally Romi stays at our house most of each Sunday. From September through May, he is used to visiting with us all afternoon and into the evening. This summer, Jim and I have been hiving in on Sundays and catching up on movies, none of which we see during the rest of the year. Romi has not been able to visit. So Mick and I invited Romi for a social evening of pizza and the Friday block of Stargate, which he enjoys, as do we. We enjoyed each others’ company until 11 PM and then bade Ro a good night. After a snuggle with the kitty cats, Jim and I sought our sleep around midnight.