Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Jim headed out after Morning Offering into a much cooler environment, probably twenty degrees cooler than yesterday, though still quite humid. I worked for the morning on The Choice 101, chapter one, portion concerning science and mystical unity. I was working on string theories by lunch! Jim actually was able to come home for that, so we were able to stretch together too. Both the company and the mat exercises are a real treat.

After lunch I took on the material again and worked it through to its end for the first time. I am still not entirely pleased with it and feel I can profitably do an improved version day after tomorrow– I have the UPI article to write tomorrow.

Before gardening I had time to clear my desk almost down to all the wood – a couple of thank you notes are all that remain for me to complete before the desk is totally clear. Now for the backed-up e-mail, some of which has been waiting for weeks!

For my outdoor work today I focused on the lilies at the south side of our garage. In de-caning them I had noticed wild grapevine surging up through the lilies’ generous leaves. At one time, 30 years ago, the residents here had a grape arbor. It was neglected before they left and it had rambled all over the place in the back yard. We have been trimming it back out ever since. I got about half-done with that project and shall hope to return soon to clean the bed up the rest of the way.

We also had a visit from the local power company, which wishes to cut down a black walnut tree on our border to the north. We gave them permission for our half of the trunk! They shall need to ask our neighbors for permission also, as half the trunk is on their property.

In the evening we relaxed and enjoyed a visit from Romi. Gary was back from Cracker Barrel’s training and admin time at the L/L desk also, and we four had a most pleasant evening. Gary offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

Romi most kindly offered to help cook ahead for the Homecoming and was glad to hear that we will not cook, but rather visit local restaurants once a day for a full meal, then enjoy cereal and other normal non-cooked breakfast supplies and luncheon sandwiches here at Camelot during the days. He thought that sounded good. It worked well last winter at the Archetypes Gathering and I suspect it will do the trick again over Labor Day weekend’s gathering.

Jim and I had a late snuggle with the cats before seeking our beds around 11:30 PM.