Monday, August 14, 2006


What a happy Sabbath Jim and I and L/L Research had today! I went off to church to sing the service while Jim cleaned, as usual, and Jim was surprised by Melissa’s visit with our new bookkeeper in tow! Spirit was working overtime for us; that is, spirit plus Melissa, who had made many phone calls and visits around town looking for a likely candidate. Lynn was a contact given Melissa by a temporary agency lady who said she could not place a temp here because we are a home office. Then, mysteriously, she just gave Melissa this telephone number, which was Lynn’s, and said, “I think this lady may suit you.” No fee, no nothing – just a kindness because she knew the solution.

Thank you, Lord, thank you, temp lady and thank you, Holly. Most of all, thank you, Melissa!

Then Gary gave us the surprising news that he will not be attending college classes this fall after all. He has developed a resonant interest in the work of a couple who teach a kind of breath therapy. I do not know anything about them yet but I will learn! Gary will be spending his hard-earned dollars this fall on the week-long workshop in New York at the Omega Center which the couple offers rather than on college classes.

The trail to Gary’s decision makes sense in the odd way that spiritual coincidence and resonance do. It is not entirely rational, but I clearly see why Gary wants to proceed this way, and I suspect it is entirely right for him. So it was a big day for changes at our little community.

Jim and I did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day except take off and kick back. We watched two and a half unmemorable movies, dozed, walked, planned work in the yard and just relaxed and enjoyed the Sabbath rest.

It will not last much longer! I think we have two more of these summer Sundays and then it is back to Sunday meetings each week except fifth Sundays for the school year, September through May.

A part of me would like to retire from the meetings. I am introverted and fairly reclusive by habit, and having who knows who stream into one’s home on a Sunday is a bit out of character, according to my personality. However, I am not much interested in my personality! I am interested in service to others. As long as I feel the channeling and the gatherings in general, with their study and meditation, are of service to those around us, we will continue to hold meetings. I’ll retire from channeling when people stop coming to join us. Whenever that may be!