Tuesday, August 22, 2006


After our Morning Offering, Jim headed out to mow early as his Monday schedule is packed. I came upstairs to behold Chapter One of The Choice. I am beginning to get a bead on how I feel this chapter wants to go, which is a relief, as I have been waiting for that familiar feeling of resonance. I am starting to get that now. The story is starting to tell itself to me. I love that feeling. I worked my way through the entire chapter again, section by section, sprucing things up.

I feel ready now to go on to the remaining topics of this first chapter, the nature of illusion and the function of catalyst. This is all meaty stuff and the challenge is to write it so any person who wishes to do so can understand what wisdom the Confederation and Law of One information contains which can be useful to a seeker. Finding a really straightforward way to talk about these weighty issues is an interesting challenge.

I came down for a late lunch and consulted with Gary on some personal channeling appointments and also Homecoming matters.

Back in the office I squared off with the ever-present e-mail. I:
Worked with material from Day 93 of the Book of Days where the editor wanted a different wording that read more smoothly
Wrote Helen and Beth concerning my travel plans for the MacDuffie reunion
Verified my address for Sierra, who is having a woeful time sending me Jim’s needed new work shoes.
Called my credit card company to discover what the hold-up was. It turned out they were concerned because we had used the card too much, Jim is gearing up to pole vault in the 2007 senior games and we have bought him a pole and track shoes as well as a mattress for me. They stopped the card until I called in to verify the purchases. The irritating thing here is that the card agents never called me. They just refused to process charges on my card. I had to call them to find out what was happening. I would think they could have called if they were going to stop the card from being used. That card is our workhorse for the house expenses.
Wrote Glenys, who has a tough diagnosis to deal with and at the same time is awakening
Sent my friend, Lindy, my telephone number with the accompanying request not to use it! I dislike using the telephone a lot! And wished her good luck on her move to the Black Mountain area of the Carolinas
Let Rick know that the last L/L Research tape he has volunteered to remaster as a CD is now in the mail to him
Worked with a question for Q’uo which the British Study Group had sent in and let the group know that I would ask it at our first meeting on September third.
Thanked Carol B for some stunning photos of the “parrot flower”, a rare species I have never seen before
Congratulated Dianne S on getting all moved in to her new country cottage with her husband, who is an invalid, and worked on finding some girlfriend time for us in September
Thanked Romi for finding a problem about which I had no idea whatsoever, which has occurred with our network system. I gave Romi permission to buy the parts he will need to fix the glitch.

I started gardening by pulling some late-blooming lily canes. Most of those “sticks” are collected now but some still remain. It takes a while to recover from the onslaught of beauty which the day-lilies offer. After the blooms fade, you have these little flagpoles sticking up wherever the blooms were. Hopefully, by Homecoming we’ll have all the canes collected! Then I started on the corner of the garage and weeded until Jim called bath time. I had thought we were very crowded with lilies in that patch but most of those blooms have died.

Jim has agreed to dig up all the lilies along the garage next winter, since the lilies are naturalizing and need to be dug up and replanted to make room for all the new bulb-babies. I must have pulled two dozen starting lily plants out completely because they were pushing through the rock border of their bed. This is winter work and hopefully Jim will have some time to do it during his off-season.

After our bath and some relaxation, Jim decided that he wants to accompany me to the reunion. Was I surprised! The man seldom leaves the house, much less traveling to New England! So I got on the telephone and changed my airline ticket to match the time he needs to leave, which is several hours later than my previous ticket. I will enjoy his company and so will the other ladies, I am sure. And it will be so much easier for me with Jim manning the bags and so forth. When I travel I need to use a wheel chair, as my right foot sustains stress fractures any time I walk too much and travel arrangements are challenging to accomplish alone sometimes.

We enjoyed the Gaia Meditation, with me praying the ending prayer, and then had a late supper and eventually sought our beds around 11 PM.