Wednesday, August 16, 2006


This was Kentucky’s day to shine for this month – low humidity, about 80 degrees and lit by the most cordial and beneficent sunshine! Being alive never felt more beautiful! After Morning Offering, Jim took off to mow his two largest lawns and do some gardening while I tackled Chapter One of 101 again.

I worked through the science section until I was really through with it and then worked with the Free Will section. I thought I was satisfied with it until I read it. I am not, so tomorrow, I will be tackling that first again. I worked for the rest of the morning on the Love and Logos section.

Jim came home for lunch and we got to stretch together; a most enjoyable enterprise. For the afternoon I took on the Inbox. My priority was to answer all mail from Gary, having finished with our web guy’s needs yesterday, and I did a whole lot of e-mail generated by the needs of our L/L concerns as dealt with by Gary. It is great to be able to congratulate him on beginning the transfer of the original Ra session tapes to CD format. I thanked him for sending out the UPI articles I generate each week. I responded to his concerns about photos on my blog – I will save all the photo space, which is limited, for pictures of the Homecoming. And I sent him some text for the site, where he wanted a description of each of our newsletters and also the UPI articles.

Working with e-mail Gary had sent me from the downstairs L/L Inbox I:
Caught up with our web guy on personal news. An interesting coincidence occurred as he teased me about “lay on MacDuff”, to which I had replied, “But I am already a McCarty,” and then he pointed out today that I had just done some work for my old school, MacDuffie. Kabong!
Caught up with Lindy T, with whom I did the Mind Link in 1974. She was then a very young woman. Now her children are grown and she is moving to the east coast from Florida. She has never sounded so well, relaxed, contented and energized. It’s wonderful to touch into her very psychic and loving energy.
Congratulated Wynn F on a particularly positive review of his book on Wilcock and Cayce which he had sent me
Responded to several articles from Jean-Claude K, who also writes for UPI weekly and includes me on his article send list. He is very tuned in to the “Think Love” campaign being run by Catharina Rodrigues, whose web site address is I am very resonant with her work also. It is pure inspiration and very catching.
Thanked Margie B. for her very witty article on how to download love. The basic idea is that when you have other programs running on your biocomputer, you can’t run love! How true.
Thanked Scott H and Otto H – not the same last name; one is a New York guy and the other is living with gypsies in India – for their birthday wishes. Can you tell I am very behind on e-mail? My birthday was a month ago now!
Responded to Dan Petric’s (Dan Petric []) e-mail inviting all positively oriented seekers to work together for the planetary good. His energy is excellent! If you would like to climb on board with his offensive, here is his e-mail address. He is working out of a public library with no funds, but he has terrific energy!
Caught up with John P, a brilliant and hard-seeking Britisher whose intellect often gets in his way but whose humor and wit are superb.
Responded to Glenys, a Wanderer with a complex story to tell
Responded to a friend whose sister is terribly upset because she has a Buddha sculpture and her sister is afraid she is worshiping idols. I advised her to leave off trying to be rational with her sister and put away the little Buddha until such time as she is not living with her fundamentalist, fear-driven sister!

And that was my work day. I eagerly changed into my gardening duds and streamed out into the sunshine to continue working on the lilies, getting most of the way down that long row against the south side of the garage. It is so delicious to be in the yard, listening to the birdsong and the plashing of the fish pond waterfalls, feeling the sun and breeze on your skin and working with the earth. The smell of the soil is so wholesome and the earth energy is so grounding! It makes a wonderful ending to a very sedentary work day.

We enjoyed Amy Goodman’s news show and World Music before coming downstairs to have supper and offer the Gaia Meditation. It was a relaxing and enjoyable evening of leisure and conversation with Gary and we said good night around 11 PM.