Thursday, August 17, 2006


The highlight of the day was meeting Lynn, the woman Melissa has chosen to train for our new bookkeeper. Lynn seems a good fit. I took her around the house and yard and Melissa trained with her all day. At the end of it she reported that she felt she could do the job and would enjoy it. I think she can do it too. Lynn is in early middle age and has a background in horticulture, in which she took a degree, and business. She has read a lot of metaphysics and is interested to know more about us.

That meeting and the discussion and tour we had took up some of the day here and there for me, both morning and afternoon, as they came soon after Jim and I finished Morning Offering and stayed until gardening time around 5 PM. I spent the rest of the morning writing my UPI article for the week.

After a late lunch I got busy with e-mail. I took some time with my Maine friend, Rick, whom I have known since school, answering over a dozen letters from him. And I wrote Sandie, the Planet Light Worker editor, from whom I have not heard this month. I had understood from her that she would like me to offer an article a month for her e-zine, but have received no assignment or any communication from her since July.

Gardening for the day consisted of my continuing to weed the lily bed by the garage. I am close to finished with this long bed, which gets very clotted with debris from the big sycamore next to it, which rains bark, leaves and sticks down into it from June onwards each year.

Jim and I managed to fit a stretching routine in mid-afternoon, and after our bath we relaxed for the evening with Link TV’s Democracy Now news with Amy Goodman, World Music and the Gaia Meditation, with Jim offering the ending prayer. We said good night at 11 PM.