Thursday, August 24, 2006


After Morning Offering, I spent the sunlit hours before lunch in my bower office, writing the article on Indigo Children for the UPI site. I found that the material divided neatly into two parts, so I wrote this week about what an Indigo Child is. Next week I’ll take up suggestions for dealing with their special needs. The Q’uo group has answered several questions about them lately so I had tons of material to use.

On the site, the text had some extra characters, so I shall have to write Larry with a request to remove them.

Lunch turned into a fairly lengthy planning meeting with Lynn and Melissa. Melissa is training Lynn on the keeping of our financial books, as Melissa is leaving around the first of September. They both feel Lynn is coming along just fine. It is good that Melissa will be here for the monthly statements which Jim’s Lawn Service sends out to be produced and mailed. That’s the last procedure which Lynn has not yet done.

Gary spent his admin time today copying out most of the material for our packet for participants for the Homecoming. We’re putting the information about each chakra on the corresponding tint of paper, so we’ll have a rainbow packet for the people who come. We also got a post-late plea from a veteran L/L Gatherings participant to come to the Gathering, saying he’d sit in a corner, anywhere, just let him attend! And that’s just what he’ll have to do; sit in a nook somewhere on the floor! But I said yes. He’ll bring some good energy to that corner and that spot on the floor.

We are totally full up, now. The energy feels so good! I do look forward to this gathering. Each of our Homecomings has been special in its own way. It is because of the material, which the participants like in common and which draws “birds of a feather” together. It is very relaxing and invigorating to be among one’s own people. It feels like the clan is gathering; the extended family we did not know we had.

I had been worsening in physical health all day and was most thankful that Karen K had just sent me back her naturopathic report. She suggested belladonna in homeopathic doses for a bacterial infection of the colon she diagnosed by psychic pendling. Her description of my symptoms was spot on. She is so much more competent in diagnosis than the allopathic medical community. So I scooted up the Rainbow Blossom grocery and found the remedy. It seems to be the same bug that laid me low last summer after the trip to Britain. Hopefully I will recover quickly now. But the crisis was tough enough to send me to bed for the rest of the afternoon and early evening.

Jim went up to Avalon after he finished his mowing and mowed the whole creekside meadow to our property line, as well as using our feeder creek to place some honeysuckle vines he’d pulled for a customer. The vines won’t chip down well as they are too twined up. They tend to break the chipper! Nature has better uses for such material. Jim uses them along the weather side of the creek feeder stream running along our access road on the Cliffside to keep erosion down.

I did just a bit of e-mail after the Gaia Offering but found I was still too faint to make much sense. So Jim and I found our beds early, saying good night around 10:30.