Friday, August 25, 2006


This was a very subdued day for work at L/L Research. Gary was on his day off and I had an involuntary day off because of feeling poorly all day, faint and flu-ish. Jim was the hard worker. After Morning Offering, he mowed his full schedule in the Edenic late-summer sunshine. His work is very much a part of the L/L Research effort, as his work pays the bills so I can stay home and write, channel and otherwise serve L/L’s needs.

I had a lovely day, snoozing through much of it and charmed by the old, old series on daytime TV like Magnum P. I. and The Rockford Files. I have not seen those series in years. It was pleasant to trip down memory lane a bit. I attempted to read Papa’s letters but my brain was not working yet. Hopefully I shall feel better on the morrow.

Amy Goodman’s news report had a good deal of material on the border patrol across our Mexican – U.S. border. I did not know that we had unofficial posses out taking the law into their own hands along that border. However I am not surprised at it, given our penchant here in America for rebelling, resisting and otherwise being the punks that originally rose up against a king and claimed a country for their own. What was it the Ra said – something like “Your people do not have a tendency towards bloodless surrender.” When we criticize the Hezbollah for defending Lebanon’s borders, we need to look more carefully at our own back yard, or more accurately, our own “south forty”.

The lack of perspective in this whole immigration policy is troublesome to me. We are all immigrants except the Native Americans. Nothing says America should be Caucasian in racial make-up. It would dearly love to see people get over racial distinctions.

There is that within me which would like to take the guns away and tell people: NOW! Sit down and TALK! We can work every tangle out, given that we continue to communicate and remain civil. However, our national psyche is such that we go for our guns right away. We are immature bullies. How we need to grow up!

Gary joined us after Jim’s and my bath for a very pleasant conversation, supper, the Gaia Meditation and an early bedtime.