Monday, August 28, 2006


This was our last summer Sunday! I was still green around the gills and took the day off completely, including church. Jim did his house cleaning and some errands and then we enjoyed Hustle and Flow, finally discovering the movie which DOES have the song, “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp”, in it. The ensemble acting in that film was just great. The script was also very interesting. The context of the whole film, however, was very gritty and grimy. The temptation of a viewer of that movie is to walk away from the whole scene, finding it – to use a southern phrase, - tacky. The one lack in the screenplay was that link between the genre and universality. The emotions and the transactions of that screenplay were indeed universal. However, those links were buried in the presentation which was almost perversely pleased with remaining deep in genre slang. Oh well, I liked it anyway!

We also saw a film which impressed me with Denzel Washington’s ability to realize a character, Inside Man, a perfect-crime-genre film worthy of the name. Washington’s acting was good enough that about halfway through the film I said to Mick, “He reminds me of Denzel Washington – the voice especially.” Mick grinned at me and said, “He IS Denzel Washington!” No makeup or masks were involved by the actor, just his posture, haircut, facial hair, mannerisms and attitude. My hat is off to him for that work.

Romi came over to repair our router during the afternoon. He installed new parts and succeeded once again in keeping our machines going!

Mick and I spent a considerable part of the afternoon upstairs when we could not find Sedge anywhere. After we spent about an hour in my room, making normal sounds of relaxation and TV, he came out from a secret hiding place under my bed we cannot see, where the machinery for the articulated-bed aspect of its undercarriage lives. We were most glad to see him and fussed over him all the rest of the day. He refuses water as well as food now, although he does not express discomfort in any other way and purrs when we pat him and talk to him.

I have decided to go through a juice and water fast as soon as I do a body cleanse. I will still go the doctor’s in two days but there are some things which doctors are notoriously poor at, and one of these areas is the transverse colon, where I suspect my woes reside. The doctor may be able to diagnose these flu-like bacteria which have been giving me a merry dance. However in addition to that typical antibiotic treatment, cleansing the body of toxins and going through a fast to re-set intention within the energy body is one of those non-prescription tactics which nevertheless make a lot of sense to me. It will probably take a couple of weeks to do the cleansing.

After Jim and I had our weekly telephone talk with Mom McCarty in Nebraska, we brought Sedgie upstairs and ended our evening with conversation and an episode of House on TV.