Friday, September 01, 2006


It is the last of our summer days today and the last day for Melissa as well. She does not like good-byes, so I contented myself with expressing my feelings in passing and wishing her most well on her continuing journey. Lynn is looking a tad bit panicked as she learned a huge amount today, not only how to run the statements for Jim’s Lawn Service but how to run monthly reports. She’s hoping to recall it all!

Lynn and Melissa worked almost 10 hours today! Jim and Gary did the same, cleaning up all of Jim’s Thursday jobs plus his largest job for tomorrow. Tomorrow, when Gary usually helps Jim mow, Gary will be honchoing the Homecoming, ferrying participants from the airport, getting in our groceries for breakfasts, lunches and snacks and generally opening the house for the weekend’s festivities. We officially open the event at 6 PM, I believe. Jim feels confident he’ll be able to finish the rest of his Friday jobs in good time to be part of the opening moment at L/L Research’s Homecoming 2006.

As for me, I continued potting away at minor tasks, feeling too faint and flu-ish to do creative work. I feel very thankful that my situation is as good as it is, for I believe I will fare well this weekend, although my health is not radiant right now.

I finished collecting recipes out of Jim Fobel’s Casseroles Cookbook – a perfectly wonderful collection from a creative cook – and entered the books from W. E. Butler’s bibliography, at the end of his wonderful little book, The Magician: His Training and Work, into my wish list. I keep that list going and growing and when we get gift certificates from our amazon credit card’s gifts program, we peck away at getting the books on my wish list. There are so many fascinating books out there to read! It is a wonderful life.

Lots of books on that list are only available used, and will not allow a customer to enter such books on a wish list, so I sent a supplemental wish list to a friend, Judy C, whose business is second-hand books. She may well run across these.

I caught up e-mail. I wrote:

- Ann P about the upcoming MacDuffie Reunion plans – she will join us from Manhattan.
- Jean-Claude K, who is working on a question for the Q’uo group on the central sun of our galaxy
- Don C Sr., who pre-ordered a copy of the Book of Days which our web guy is working on finalizing for printing now
- Jim and Tommy Rueckert, my brothers, about our Christmas plans. Yes, the Rueckert clan thinks ahead when it comes to such matters!
- Dianne S, with whom I finally was able to make an appointment for some good girlfriend-time. We will lunch together on the 15th of September
- Paul C, who was disgruntled about the ethics of our society, being an intelligent sort of a guy
- Morris H, our Vice-President, and Jeff P, L/L’s lawyer, to thank them for their help with the Avalon project. We are setting up the legal framework for L/L Research to lease the land from Jim and me.
- Brenda C-R, a MacDuffie alumna who sent me some information for the Newsletter MacDuffie puts out and who may join us for the Reunion
- Michele M, who is drawing the chakras for the Choice book project, and who is going to move from Switzerland back to the USA – a brave decision. She said she felt as though Switzerland were a healing place, like a hospital, for her and the time there gave her the strength to come back to America and be part of the good energy here, where it is so needed.

Gary and I had a short planning session at the end of the day, as did Lynn and Melissa and I, and then it was bath time for me. Jim and I rested and relaxed with the cats, especially our old soldier, Sedge, who continues to give every evidence of loving to be here with us, though he eats very little. Gary offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation and Jim and I came upstairs for bed shortly thereafter.