Thursday, August 31, 2006


It was another moody day, not very hot but humid enough to mist the meadow along Hazelwood Road in the early morning, and overcast all day. After Morning Offering Jim started his mowing day. I took the five different samples I had collected in the dawning of the day back to the doctor so she can run all the tests she wished to do. She is looking for a virus or a bacterium to target and I hope she finds it!!

It is fascinating to me to look at the testing apparatus used for these tests. The collection bottles for the poop look like prescription bottles. Each one is half-filled with a different liquid. One uses a small spoon which is built in to the lid to scoop one’s material into the little vial until the mixture comes up to the fill line. Somewhere there is a factory turning out plastic lids with built-in scoops. This boggles my mind. There is a medicine bottle lid pooper scooper industry out there. As Romi would say, “I love America.”

Melissa and Lynn were both at their desks when I returned. Melissa is leaving for parts northwest next weekend, and this is her next to last day here. I will greatly miss her. Lynn seems to be training very well. They both promised to come back tomorrow, when Lynn will learn how to run Jim’s monthly statements for his lawn business and to create the monthly reports for the household, Jim’s Lawn Service and L/L Research.

Gary was all over the map today getting the house and grounds ready for the Homecoming. He scoured the basement rooms clean, freshened all the bed linens and got towels and washcloths together for all the guests. Then he chipped the last of Jim’s current supply of storm debris and mulched all around the cross-patio with the resulting harvest of wood chips.

Jim finished early with his customers and spent some time in the back yard too in late afternoon, trimming all the hedges we have so carefully tended over the years, creating a living privacy fence which blooms each spring. It is unfortunate that this spell of illness has kept me out of the yard, for I see places that need my attention everywhere. However I am focusing just on being well enough to enjoy the weekend, so have curtailed outside work until I feel a bit better AND the weekend is over.

My working day was unspectacular, but I did at least attempt to work all day. I wrote the second part of my article on Indigo Children for UPI and sent that in before taking a late lunch. In the afternoon I continued collecting recipes and went through sale catalogs, looking for thoughtful Christmas gifts. The dog days of summer are rife with excellent catalog sales and I found several really nice things to wrap for beloved friends and family members at 70 to 80% off retail cost. The spirit of my Mom is pumping her fist in heaven and going, “YES!” She was the best shopper ever and I learned all I know at her beautiful and capable knee.

I still carry a low-grade fever and was unwilling to go to choir practice in case I am infectious. So I stayed home from that. However I used the time to get a manicure and pedicure with my long-time nail tech, Tracy M. I had her paint the nails with the colors of the chakras again this year, since we are again going to be dealing with that topic during the Gathering. It makes a pretty look, with the right hand carrying the bold colors of white, golden and red through yellow, while the left hand carries the far more quiet colors of green, blue, indigo, violet and black. The arrangement signifies love (white), light, the seven chakras and the return to the Creator (black).

Jim and I had intended to have a jazz night but I was simply not well enough. We stopped by Appleby’s instead for a late supper, offering the Gaia Meditation at our table. We bade each other an early good night.