Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The day was dominated for me by an appointment with my doctor. After Morning Offering I worked at e-mail and clearing my desk until time for the appointment. Gary took me, as I have been feeling faint at unpredictable times – not good for driving. The doctor arranged for a lot of testing to be done and what I did not leave there today in the form of samples of blood and urine I will bring back on the morrow, after I have had a chance to collect five different test samples of the rest! She suspects either a viral or bacterial infection of the colon. I was very glad to get that testing process started. If the problem is as simple to fix as targeting a virus or bacterium, we’re halfway there.

On the way home, Gary and I stopped at Red Lobster and lunched while we chewed over the plans for the Homecoming this coming weekend. We seem to have details well in hand now. Of course, the weekend will find us having forgotten something! We’ll do our best to make sure that the “something” is a small detail and not a large one.

I went back to my desk for more small tasks after arriving back home, creating several new recipes for the recipe database out of which Jim chooses what to prepare each week. There is good eating ahead! I collected recipes for Hobo Chicken, Chicken Tetrazzini, Minted Green Beans, Carrots in Honey Mustard Sauce and Blueberry Pie, to name a few.

Gary has arranged for drawings of the chakras to be done for the weekend, as we are studying them. He reports they are coming along well. He also rented some chairs for the weekend, to be placed outside in case the weather, as predicted, is fine. He cut the yard today and Jim will trim it up.

After Jim’s and my bath, we went downstairs and enjoyed an evening with Romi and Gary. Since I continue to feel puny, we said good night a bit early, not long after offering the Gaia Meditation together, with Romi offering the ending prayer.