Monday, September 04, 2006


The Sabbath was as pretty a day as one ever sees in Kentucky, soft sunshine in a cerulean sky, gentle breezes moving around air in a cool, seventy-degree world. The Homecoming group took advantage of that! We had our Morning Offering and worked together on the green-ray energy center inside in the early morning, with Maria’s playpen for her daughter, Tierra, ensconced in the middle of the living room, and then took the discussion outside for blue ray, setting up the circle in the clear swath of meadow which used to be our vegetable garden. Black walnut has rendered that soil unusable, so we just let the meadow grasses grow there.

Tierra played happily in the yard, in the middle of our circle, in her portable playpen, under which we had put a tarpaulin to protect the little girl from the insects in the meadow grasses. The most humorous complication for Maria came when she realized that she could not reach her information packet, to which we were all referring as we worked with the material, from inside the playpen. We rescued the material for her immediately amidst laughter. Tending her child did not stop Maria from working with the material! I was most impressed with her concentrative abilities, as she worked in a scholarly way to draw inferences from the text.

It is to be noted that the entire group took up Tierra’s keeping so that Maria could have a break now and then. Far from being a distraction, little Tierra was a very organic part of the homecoming.

After blue ray studies came lunch and a break, during which Jim and I stretched and tried to call his mother in Nebraska, but we had no luck, as she never hears from us at this hour on a Sunday, usually, and had not arranged to be at home. Jim called her later in the day, while he watched the U of L – UK game during our suppertime.

We moved back out into the sweet day to study the last chakra we were to tackle, the indigo ray, and had our discussion. Then I went upstairs to tune for the channeling session while the group moved back indoors to take advantage of the microphone and recording set-up. We had not recorded Jim’s and my remarks or our discussions this weekend. We did record the channeling session!

It was a good session, I think, although of course the proof is in the transcript, not in my judgment call! The question was concerning the chakras and kundalini, a most logical focus considering that we had been working on understanding the energy body all weekend.

After the session we headed out as a group to Captain’s Quarters to eat some supper and look at the Ohio River and the barges and boats that move along it so picturesquely. As had happened all weekend, a group member hosted everyone to the dinner! Service to others just flows in this group! We had \good wine and food and conversation aplenty.

After supper we came back to Camelot. We had been going to have a bonfire and roast some hot dogs at the end of the day but I have no idea whatsoever about events after the supper, due to my being so tired that I just came upstairs and went to bed! I do not even remember the Gaia Meditation! I am sure we had one, but I think I slept through it.

I have been in poor health this weekend and I am very grateful to have been given dispensation to move through the busy times of Homecoming with such grace. I see the doctor again to get the results of all the tests started last week the day after tomorrow, and if she has been able to detect a bug that can be held responsible for my woes, she will give me some harsh chemical that kills the bug.

Otherwise, given that there is no bug, I shall need to deal with this ailment by cleansing, fasting and praying, and that I am also quite happy to do. We shall see!

I had some good conversations this weekend with Aaron and Travis, both of whom are interested in creating a new bring4th web site. I want to take this very slowly this time around and build with infinite love. It is just terrific to have good people to collaborate with on this the site. It may take us a year or two to get the site up properly, but I am not in a hurry.

We shall take people to airports and bid those who drove in by car good-bye tomorrow. Maria and Tierra left before the meditation, as Maria did not feel that her toddler was a good candidate for sitting still for the hour or more it takes for a session and Steve T left after supper. The remainder of the group will dissipate tomorrow. I shall be sorry to see them leave. It has been like having a family reunion to have this group here. I promise to gather up the photos everyone took and make a special entry just for images when I get them all together. They will make you smile!