Tuesday, September 05, 2006


After Morning Offering Jim stayed on schedule, since if he took Labor Day off of work, he would only have a double day to work tomorrow. I remained behind with those of the weekend’s participants who had still not departed. Everyone had a question to ask or a story to tell and before the last two folks departed for the airport at 4:30 or so, we had had an extra seminar day, and a good one.

The rather intense time of the Gathering had exhausted me, especially since this intestinal situation continues, and I rested most gratefully and thankfully for the remainder of the day, snoozing, patting cats and offering the Gaia Meditation. I look forward to discovering tomorrow morning whether Dr. A has found a culprit bacterium amongst all those lab tests she called for last week.

This was one of the sweetest and most successful Homecomings we have ever had. The participants were wonderful with each other. Certainly there were disagreements. However the people involved made generous efforts to reach harmony with each other. And for the most part harmony reigned throughout, even as serious discussion was going on. People were just lovely with each other. I was also extremely impressed both at their instinct to keep the kitchen and meeting areas cleaned up, which is not always the case at these Gatherings, and at their endless thoughtfulness with Tierra. This group was a real family and even in my physical discomfort, I was sorry to see them go!

Gary has promised to meet with me tomorrow so that we can develop a special photograph entry. I am not sure we have every single photo yet that everyone took, but we have those which Gary himself took, and that shall be our offering tomorrow.