Saturday, September 09, 2006


After Morning Offering Gary and Jim headed out to mow. I spent the morning working on the first chapter of 101. After Jim and I enjoyed a lunch and a stretch together, Jim went outside to do maintenance on his equipment for the week and some yard chores. I again tackled the first chapter and by the time I needed to leave the work, I had achieved a rough draft.

Since I am seeing double today, Jim drove me to Dr. June’s office for my lab test. We enjoyed that Friday feeling as Jim stopped on the way home for a celebratory milkshake. We also picked up the L/L Research box mail. After tossing out 20 Scientology pamphlets we still had a rich harvest of orders.

Amy Goodman’s new broadcast was not on at the usual time tonight, which we missed, but as it happened I was so tired that it did not much matter! I conked out soon after we relaxed and slept until the Gaia Meditation and our late supper. Focusing through this discomfort to do the work really wears me out! However I feel way better for working instead of resting.

Jim and I noticed the very first signs of true autumn on the road today, some of the maples along the interstate turning yellow and orange on one side. It will be about a month before the glory days of color here in Kentucky and the whole way through that color change will be lovely to watch. Meanwhile the cooler nights are a treat.