Friday, September 08, 2006


It was a picture-perfect day, sunny and Hawaii-like in temperature, about 78 degrees most of the day. After Morning Offering I bade farewell to Jim, who was off to mow, and decided to see if I could possibly work on the Choice project. I have been doing lesser things, feeling that my mind was not sharp enough to tackle the important stuff.

However Mick had encouraged me to give it a try. And I have built up a strong desire to function as normally as possible again regardless of challenges. So I gave it a try and spent the whole day, almost, reading through what I had written so far, to re-familiarize myself with the flow of the story I am telling. It was slow going indeed, as I needed to visit the bathroom all too frequently and then recover from the events before moving on. However I did succeed! By the end of the day I had gone through everything I have written so far and even had written another short section, leaving me only one topic to cover in the first chapter of 101. I am happy to say I liked what I read and changed very little. This is a good sign for me, because when things do not yet feel right I slash and burn!

It is very hopeful to me that I am able to focus through this discomfort. I know I have all kinds of angelic help as well as the prayers of so many kind people who have written in to encourage me through this period of challenged health. I have seen this possibility open up under prayer and supplication before in my life when I have been challenged as to health. At first one does not see how to function at the new level of discomfort. However, there comes a point where one has become somewhat used to the condition and one can focus through it. That is such a blessing and I am most thankful.

Lynn came in early and then again in the late afternoon and evening, working on finishing the books for the week. Gary had his day off and reported having a dandy! I wrote some thank you notes and started filling out forms for the two specialists whose offices I will visit. I see the urologist next Monday. I shall need to await an appointment in October to have the colonoscopy. Both offices need a sheaf of papers filled out and signed. One would think that with all the databases around, medical services would be able to access that information. But actually every single office collects the same stuff over and over again. Oh, finger-numbing joy!

I was totally exhausted by the end of the working day and after Jim’s and my bath, I mostly dozed throughout the evening, rousing for supper and the Gaia Meditation. Sedgie was feeling extremely loving and devoted when Jim and I came up to snuggle before bed, and for about an hour he rubbed, kneaded and purred, sitting heart to heart with me as I lay on the bed. I have not seen him this affectionate since he was a tiny kitten. He is very thin now, but his eyes are bright and full of devotion. Oddly enough, the other three cats will not come around him. That’s the one drawback to the extremity of his condition.