Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Rain was softly falling as I arose to write the Camelot Journal entry for yesterday and it continued almost all of the day. After Morning Offering Jim somehow mowed all except one of Monday’s lawns and managed to trim the quite large Hoge House, from today’s line-up, before the deluge hit completely. He will be creating mowing opportunities for the rest of the week for himself, catching up his schedule with all the raindrops somewhat in the way.

I came upstairs to ponder Chapter Two of The Choice 101. It came as no surprise to me that I found that I wanted to alter my plan, as I always do change everything as I am doing it, in order to make it feel right. No recipe gets to the table unaltered. A right-brained, artistic thing happens to me as I create anything. I know more than I can explain about my process. So I follow my intuition rather than my logic. Then I work out the logic. But first, things have to feel right.

I cannot explain it precisely, but my outlined arrangement did not feel right with what I had written so far. So I switched things around in my mind until I liked the story I was telling. Since I first had to study the first arrangement, read the quotations I had selected as choices for use and decide against going forward with that, and then I had to do the exact same thing for my second choice of new topics, it took me the morning to make my new plan. As I told Mick at lunch, you cannot see the progress today, but I did a lot of good work! Mick and I enjoyed the luxury of doing our stretching routine together before we went back to work for the afternoon.

Paperwork had come in the snail mail for me to do before next week’s appointment with Dr. Johnson, an osteopath who has been extremely helpful to me in the past and who will look at my situation from the standpoint of hormone replacements and integrative medicine. The hormone replacement therapies I have been taking for years are prescribed by him. Dr. Aboud and he both feel it is time for a re-test on them.

As well, Dr. Johnson is an excellent diagnostician whose medical know-how is supplemented by genuine psychic ability and a long term of experience with naturopathic medicine. He has moved his practice to a new clinic, since Fox Hollow closed.

This new clinic, 21t Century Medicine, is a most thoroughgoing paper palace. I copied Powers of Attorney and Living Wills, my prescription list and list of all my doctors who see me for whatever specialty, wondering why it is that each and every medical office has to have this voluminous paperwork filled out. In a database world, surely this information is available already to anyone who knows where to look!

After the paperwork was done, and all the new appointments I have accumulated in this drive to find solutions to my health problems were put in my calendar, I took up the channeling session from May 28, 2006, and continued editing that. I almost finished before it was time for me to drive up to Middletown in Stanley Outback and have a mammogram. The woman-squish was slightly easier to take this year as their new mammography machine is a little less like a fridge door, having soft plastic on both sides to soften the squeezes. One thing about which I have no worries is breast cancer – knock wood! No one on either my mother’s or my father’s side of the family for three generations – as far back as my knowledge goes – ever had any sort of cancer. However In order to stay sweet with my family doctor, I get a mammogram yearly.

Jim had spent the latter part of the afternoon sending out all of the book orders we picked up from our run to the P. O. Box and had the bath running when I returned from the doctor’s. We enjoyed a most pleasant whirlpool and Amy Goodman’s news and World Music before joining Ed and Gary for supper at 8 PM. Ed has asked Jim and me for some counseling time and we had a good conversation until about 9:30, when Gary and Ed headed off to the movies. We took time in the middle of the counseling session for the Gaia Meditation, for which Lynn joined us. I offered the ending prayer tonight.

After everyone left, Jim and I came upstairs for a snuggle and some relaxing television, saying good-night around 11 PM.

If any of you who wish to view our photos from the 2006 Homecoming have not yet figured out how to see the captions provided for the photos with people in them in our house set, here’s the procedure as shown me by Gary: You click on the link to the photos and then click on “sets”. Then click on any photo and it will show up, enlarged and with the caption beneath it. Ta da! Keep hitting “next” and the whole set can be viewed like this.