Saturday, September 09, 2006

Photos for 2006 Homecoming Gathering

The photographs of L/L Research's 2006 Homecoming Gathering are up and available at

Except for Gary, who is taking the photograph, and Tierra, who is napping, this is our circle of seeking for the 2006 Homecoming: from 12:00 and going clockwise, you see Carla, Steve T, Steve M, Jo Ellen, Eccles, Tom, Maria, Janet, Aaron, Romi, Travis and Jim. The playpen in the middle of the circle awaits Tierra when she awakens. You can see in the background the cross-shaped patio Jim created from stone and brick as a memorial to Don Elkins and the yew tree Carla’s mother donated to L/L Research in Don’s name after his death in 1984. The yew was quite crooked when it was planted but as you see, it has grown tall and straight.

Aaron is reading from the quotations as the circle studies together in our back yard on Sunday morning. It’s a good photo of Travis, as he characteristically sails off into meditation. Travis reports wishing to move to Louisville so that he can come to the meditation sessions on Sundays here. He has begun talking with Romi, who did just the same thing ten years ago, to get tips on how to proceed. The five-gallon pails in the background are intended to support a piece of plywood Jim will use to practice pole vaulting when he rehabs from a strained Achilles tendon. Mick’s hope is to qualify for next year’s Senior Games, which will be held in Louisville. The empty chair is Gary’s.