Monday, September 11, 2006


Kentucky had its prettiest autumn face on today, making the Sabbath a visual blessing. Jim had his typical cleaning and errands morning while I enjoyed a restful time reading Papa’s letters, doing the Sunday puzzles and drowsing. I am impressed with how much the little work I have done in the midst of this discomfort has exhausted me. Hopefully I have now caught back up on rest and am ready to hit the writing of the Choice book again on Monday.

It is interesting to see the exhaustion factor. Except for the extreme weight loss during the Ra sessions, it mimics the distress I had then, and the unusual fatigue. In that odd way that spiritual endeavor has of turning things on their nose, it is in its way a good sign. If I am drawing this kind of fairly intensive psychic greeting for attempting, though slowly and poorly, to do this work, then I may well be on the right track in terms of polarizing in effective service to others. This is most encouraging.

After a fast-food lunch, our Sunday treat, Jim and I came upstairs where we selected a hotel for Jim’s trip to Lexington to participate in the 2006 Kentucky Senior Games. He and I will go to Lexington Friday, September 22nd, and register for him to pole vault in the qualification trials, held Saturday the 23rd, for the 2007 Senior Games, which happen to be held here in Louisville.

Needless to say, as a wife I would prefer the man was a shuffleboard expert, but no! Jim was state champion for the pole vault event in Nebraska in his high school days and held the record for some years there before someone overtook his height. So he will try out later this month in the pole vault event while I sit in the stands and practice having faith and knowing that all is well. Gulp!

Then I tackled a job I had been putting off – writing to my brother, Tommy, concerning Christmas. My sister in law has a dislike of this house and yet my cousin, Carlos, has asked for the family to meet here in Louisville for the family reunion over Christmastide. I wrote to encourage my brother to throw some money at this tangle. If he leases some bed-and-breakfast or hotel space for his wife and kids, then my sister in law will have a place to bolt when she needs space and privacy. I really feel it’s the only way she will be OK with the effort and lack of comfort involved in traveling here. I found some B & B addresses for him and hopefully gave him some good alternatives about which to think.

I came downstairs for the meditation meeting wondering if we would have anyone besides Jim and me. Gary was working at Cracker Barrel and could not attend and Romi, the one person attending our meetings locally who really loves silent meditation, is traveling to Cheska, as natives call the Czech Republic, to see his parents, especially his Mom, whose health is not so good. He is considering moving there to take care of his Mom, bless his heart. He will visit our mutual friends, Pupie and Peter, in Britain on his way home. He will be gone all of September.

However, we had a brand new member come to the meeting! Carmen had attended the Ranger Gathering on Avalon last summer and had a profound response to the atmosphere here. She already was a real fan of the Law of One material. She decided to move to Louisville, find a job and a place to live and attend the Sunday meetings here at L/L Research. She and Romi have been talking via e-mail for some time about this and Romi has offered her the use of his apartment while he is in Cheska. So Carmen is now in Romi’s place and plans to start job hunting tomorrow.

Travis, who came to the 2006 Homecoming last weekend, is also in correspondence with Romi and Gary, intending to move to Louisville. Fortunately, Carmen is skilled at office work and Travis is skilled at technical work, so both people should have a fairly easy time finding work. Louisville is the biggest corporate center around these parts, with a good many regional offices here locally and lots of paperwork of all kinds to get done. Lynn, who met Carmen after the meeting as she came in to use our computer, is also looking for work. Our little L/L Research family needs jobs! I hereby offer a sincere prayer to the Job Angel!

We had a lovely silent meditation with Carmen, Jim and I attending. We three sat and conversed for some time afterwards, chewing over many things that have happened in the last year. We talked a bit about Avalon and the future. Jim and I have not given up the hope of community on Avalon, and we personally continue to plan to build our retirement home there on Avalon – whether we ever retire or not, it is intended to be our final home –sometime within the next five years. However for the present, Avalon is not set up for winter habitation, as there is no water supply and no way to bathe. The power we have available from the solar panels will run a microwave, a small fridge and a laptop. It does not afford one a lot of options regarding heat. We do have a wood stove in Sugar Shack. However it is a primitive and forbidding environment at this point.

Carmen agreed that going to Avalon in the winter would not be possible for her. She will find an apartment here in the city after she locates a good job and knows what she can afford.

Both she and Travis have such a beautiful desire to help. Jim, Gary and I will create the most complete array of volunteer possibilities we can to offer both of them, as they both wish to volunteer for L/L Research as well as to attend the weekly meditation meetings. I have a lot of creative work that has never been digitized; mostly poems and songs. There are many physical maintenance projects to do around Camelot, both inside and outside. There are several clerical tasks going begging in the office and Library as no one has the time here. So we will be able to offer both volunteers some good choices, all of which will be helpful to us if they choose to do them.

Sedge tried repeatedly to sit on Jim and me as we relaxed after the meeting, but his little body is starting to stiffen as he nears death, so he would sit and purr for just a minute and then go over to a place where he can sit perfectly flat. He neither eats nor drinks any more, so he is living on love now. Bless his dear kitty-cat heart – I believe his transition is at hand. Jim and I have helped no less than eight cats through this transition in the last two years, as we were given several older cats by the families of folks who had died, some years back, and all of those cats reached the end of their lives in the same time period. It is tough to lose Sedgie though, as he is only nine years old – too young to die, except that he has this cancer. Our other losses were all of cats aged seventeen to nineteen, a ripe old age for pussycats.

Gary came back from work just in time to join us for the Gaia Meditation. I offered the ending prayer. Jim and I came up for a romantic snuggling episode and sought our beds fairly early after a late and leisurely supper.