Thursday, September 14, 2006


A light rain was falling when morning dawned. After Morning Offering Jim set out to mow anyway. He reported good luck, as the ground had become quite dry previous to this week and so it was soaking up all the rain and the ground remained un-soggy. Jim mowed all day, got completely caught up with his schedule and ended the work-day a happy man.

On Wednesday mornings I generally write my weekly UPI article and send it in, and so I did today. Like a jillion other people this week, I wrote about 9/11. I told my editor, “I bet this is the only 9/11 article with ETs and spirit Indians in it!”

Having gotten that finished, I came down for lunch and a lot of small details, as we had gotten a box of Christmas presents I had ordered and also a box of books returned by Amazon as damaged. And I wanted to Xerox off a song for Ed to take with him. Jim came home at lunch’s end and we did our stretching exercises together. It is good to do these always but right now, while he is training for the Senior Games, Jim feels it is crucial and we are doing all the exercises half again as long.

In the afternoon I started by going to old editing, a discipline I am trying to encourage in myself, and finished the editing of the expanded version of the May 28th channeling. Our equipment had failed during that session and we had gotten only a partial transcript of that session here at Camelot. However, Romi and Bruce had done an internet e-casting of that session and one of the listeners had recorded it off the internet. When he found that we had lost our record of the session, he transcribed his recording and sent it to Gary! It was the first session we had lost in recent years, and so it is especially good to recover it. I sent that off to Ian, the editing done.

Then I spent the rest of my old-editing time digging up the second Aaron/Q’uo weekend’s worth of sessions, which Judy R. had sent me some time ago. I believe there are nine groups of sessions altogether – nine weekends where Barbara Brodsky and I got together and co-channeled. These are wonderful sessions and eventually I will go through all of that material and get it ready to publish. That, however, will be a long job! Aaron is a voluble inner guide and the sessions are wordy. Aaron makes the Q’uo group seem very Zen; short and poetic. They are, in comparison to the chatty Aaron. But not one word of Aaron’s is wasted. He is most charming as well as offering good insights.

Finishing up work on Chapter One of The Choice, I sent the chapter off to Steve M for him to check me on scientific details. This work needs to be accurate! Bruce used to do this for me, but these days he is not able to do so, although I hear from Gary that his health is much improved. His internet situation is difficult, so he cannot correspond well at all. Steve, fortunately, is also trained as a scientist and is a Ra scholar, so I am in good hands. I am most fortunate to have the help. I certainly need it! In describing the unitary nature of creation, I want to get the scientific details right, and I am not trained as a scientist!

Then I took all the information which had come to me about the Homecoming 2006. Many of the participants had written in to thank us for the weekend gathering. I compiled all the responses into one source and then edited the thirteen pages of comments down to about four, from which I will take quotes. It is time for another Gatherings Newsletter, as soon as Gary finishes checking with all known participants of next winter’s Midwinter Gathering as to which of five weekends will be the best time to have it. The last two weekends in January and the first three weekends in February are being checked.

The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning up details. I
- wrote to thank Jeremy for sending material to Aaron concerning our web site
- Wrote Ian and Pupie in Britain to ask whether their study group had met. In fact it had not, Ian responded immediately. However he has a question to ask the Q’uo next Sunday.
- Wrote Rick in Maine, congratulating him on his bountiful harvest of beans, corn and carrots. Rick is a wonderful country cook and I know that “mess of beans” tasted grand!
- Wrote Judy R, who has prepared the Aaron/Q’uo sessions for me to edit, working on our protocol. You cannot imagine what Judy has gone through in order to come up with these transcripts! And she still wants to make my job easier, so we devised a feedback for her, using the “track change” feature of Word so she can see what I generally change. Then for the next group of sessions she sends me, she will use that knowledge to do a cleaner pre-edit for me. Have I mentioned that Judy feels like, looks like and IS an angel wrapped lightly in flesh?
- OK’d two explanatory notes which Larry, my UPI editor, wanted to insert into my article, explaining who the Q’uo is and what sort of entity L/L Research is.
- Sent Gary a reminder to get copies of all our channeling sessions together so that Jim can select a session for our next light/lines newsletter. It is time for a new issue of Light/Lines by October.

Jim called bath time and we had a lovely whirlpool together. He reported that the leaves are rapidly starting to change color and in some cases fall. He also said that for the first time since last winter, he wore his “sleeves”, thinsulate-lined gaiters that cover the wrist and up to the elbow. They are designed for protection when trimming up thorny bushes but they also work for warmth, and Jim was chilly on his riding mower in late afternoon. So the season changes right under our noses! Clever Gaia!

After spending some time with Amy Goodman’s news and Sedgie, Jim and I went to Clifton’s to take in a set of Walker and Kays, who were having a very good night. I was unable to eat anything, and we did not stay as long as usual, since I was under the weather, but we really did enjoy the outing. We offered the Gaia Meditation on the way home, with Jim offering the closing prayer.

Home for the night, we spoke briefly to Lynn, who is still camping here while she looks for an apartment, and then came upstairs for a final snuggle with all the cats and an early bedtime.