Monday, September 25, 2006


When I awoke I heard the rain. Rain on the roof, when you’re snuggled cozily in your bed, is a sweet, soothing sound. Jim realized he had a rain day on his hands and decided to enjoy sleeping late. I joined him for a nice doze before getting up to face the day a full hour late! It felt delicious.

There was no way Jim could mow, as the rain continued all day and on into the evening. So he sharpened blades, did errands and in a most kind effort, re-hung some art work in the living room that did not quite match up. When Vara moved out last winter, naturally I gave her back her pictures and photos. This left our walls with lots of holes where her art work had hung. Gradually I have replaced a lot of the empty spaces with other pictures we have. However, she had arranged an ensemble of art on our living room walls which, with her deletions, did not line up at all well. So Jim took the time to work with me until the arrangement made sense once again to the aesthete’s eye.

I worked on the topic of service-to-others polarity all morning, writing on the Choice book in Chapter Two. Jim came home from errand-doing and we had lunch and stretched; then it was back to work on Chapter Two for me. I got the first rough draft done on the service-to-others portion.

I took some time to work with Mick on his pole vaulting. He got all set up for me to gauge his “step”, an all-important measurement for a pole vaulter. I was to watch where his left foot came down, and how near his mark it was exactly. However he never made it down the runway for his test. He pulled up lame and had to stop halfway. So we cancelled the motel in Lexington for this weekend’s qualifying trials. Jim shall start training for next year instead. I know it was a disappointment to him, but he does have time on his side. He will be a senior for a long time, and now that he has his intention set to enter the Senior Games, he can train all year and qualify next year.

I know he can do it. Jim is in top shape. He works with weights almost every day as it helps his arthritis to lift light weights with many repetitions. Naturally, working as a gardener, his overall musculature is in fine tone. Our stretching routine is great for warm-up or cool-down. And he is a naturally excellent athlete. What knocked him out of the running for this year was that he had not trained gradually towards strengthening his legs for running. Consequently he pulled several muscles and tendons doing sprints, including wiping out the Achilles tendon, which was the stopper for this round of trials.

I spent a brief time at my upstairs desk, writing a couple of thank you notes and a sympathy card for JoAn, a friend who continues to recover from illness. I miss her!

Then I started the final edit on our next Light/Lines newsletter. Jim has picked the channeling session we did at the Homecoming on September 3rd for this next issue. I got part way through but will have to finish up tomorrow.

After our bath, Jim and I enjoyed an end-of-week snooze while pretending to watch TV! We awoke to have supper and offer the Gaia Meditation, with Jim praying at the end. Then it was time for the new episodes of Stargate and Stargate Atlantis, which we enjoyed until bidding each other a fond good night at 11 PM.