Friday, September 22, 2006


The autumnal equinox is not until September 23rd, officially, this year, two days away, but this day was a poster for it anyway, chilly, crisp and with that quality of sunshine that comes in fall, bringing a crystal clarity to the light. I had a check-up with Dr. Aboud after Morning Offering. I believe my little world has decided to repair every street in my area! I went another route than my usual one, to avoid repair on Breckenridge Lane, only to discover that they had chosen this exact moment to repair Whipps Mill Road as well. I spent the remainder of my commute trying to figure a different way still to come home but short of going downtown and potting back home for a half hour on I71, definitely the long way around, I was without further options. So I enjoyed the slow ride!

The news from the doctor was nil. She wanted to catch up on the work she had asked for from specialists, and only one of the three has prescribed or diagnosed anything. We set another appointment for after all the other tests have been collected.

Gary bade me a fond farewell as I took off for the doctor’s. He is driving to New York City and will spend the next week or so taking Stanislav Grof’s seminar at the Omega Institute.

I collected the L/L and home mail from our mailbox at the road on my way in from the appointment with Aboud, realizing how much I will miss Gary’s help. He usually does the mail and I only see the items with which he cannot deal. How easily I have become spoiled by having an admin!

Until lunch I pondered the service-to-others section, just resting with the entire range of details I have in my head on that topic. I was looking for the heart of the topic, and that takes the ability to pull back for a larger view. For all the time spent contemplating this question, I did not produce new words. My mind felt really fuzzy! I suppose sometimes we all have days like this.

After lunch I found myself almost too weary to move, and lay down for a while for a rest. I awoke to my alarm. It was time to go get a haircut. The remainder of the day was spent driving over to Images for that and wandering home via a wildly imaginative route that actually did keep me away from all repairs, in Stanley Outback. I managed to do almost no useful work for L/L Research today. Hmpf! As I headed towards bath time and Jim, who had mowed every lawn on his schedule and done some work at building a stone wall as well for Jim’s Lawn Service today, I vowed to do better tomorrow.

I continued to doze through Democracy Now and World Music. Jim woke me for a late supper and the Gaia Meditation, with me offering the closing prayer. Jim and I came upstairs for a bedtime snuggle with the kitties and said good night about 11 PM.