Thursday, September 21, 2006


Wednesday mornings are given over to writing my UPI column and after Morning Offering, and bidding Jim goodbye for the morning, I devoted myself to that project. I had decided that some comments by Monica L on homeschooling which she had sent me by e-mail in response to my first two articles, were interesting enough to share in a further article on the indigo Children, so I followed through with reading in the suggested web sites in her very informative letter and developed a piece about homeschooling and teach/learning in general.

Jim came home for lunch just as I finished up the column, and we enjoyed a most pleasant lunch together and did our stretching routine. Jim’s still intent on seeing if he can do the run up to the pole-set, despite continuing problems with an inflamed Achilles tendon, and will do that test tomorrow. We continue stretching extra-long so as to help him with flexibility. It helps me too, even though I am NOT competing in the Senior Games. I believe he will make the final determination as to whether he will try out in the pole vault event tomorrow.

After lunch I went to get my teeth cleaned, which for me is an hour of minor torture. When I was a child, I went to a dentist whose pain control measures were extremely inadequate. Consequently when I get near the smell of a dentist’s office my whole body contracts. That was one slow hour, sitting in the dentist’s chair and having motors whirring in my ear and in my mouth. I was thankful to live through it once again!

Gary had some questions for me when I got home, as he was trying to wind up all details before his trip to the Omega Institute. We worked out several details on various threads with various people. We also talked about the possibility of his putting up lists of what all he does at the admin desk at L/L Research from day to day. I told him that it was my perception that people enjoy seeing what we are doing here. He said that when he returned from this conference, he will take a look at our blog and see what he can do to append his list of things done at L/L Research by him to my journal entry for that day.

I like the idea. For one thing, it communicates the nitty gritty of everyday business here at Camelot. For another it constitutes a record which IRS auditors might find helpful in determining whether in fact we are doing the business of a non-profit charity or not. It is a very practical idea and if Gary keeps it to a list it will not be time-consuming for him. Of course I would be pleased indeed if he started writing his thoughts down as well as keeping that list, as his thoughts are interesting.

We also chewed over details of various projects we have on-going. Gary is ascertaining a good weekend to hold the Midwinter Gathering on the archetypes as well as starting to find a good date for the beginning of my channeling circle in 2007.

After the impromptu planning session, I came upstairs and tackled the editing of the opening channeling of our season, which was also the end of the Homecoming 2006 Gathering. Gary had gotten that session transcribed. I got that edited session off to our web guy for further editing.

I looked on line before quitting for the day and found some errors in the article as it presented on the site, about which I wrote to Larry with a request for them to be corrected.

Also I called Medicare and Anthem, my two health insurance carriers, to see if the hormone saliva test given me by Dr. Johnson is covered by my policies. They determined that it was – probably – so that I can go ahead and use it, rather than taking a cheaper test that does not yield as much information. The Hubbard Clinic people felt that I needed adjustments in my hormone replacement prescription. It’s wild to think that my body is still playing with hormones some 14 years after menopause. How inconvenient!

Jim called bath time as I was winding up those calls and I gratefully went to enjoy a whirlpool with my sweet Mick. We hung out with Sedge for Amy Goodman’s news program, Democracy Now and part of Link TV’s World Music and then I went to choir practice for the first time in a while. I am not precisely doing better physically. However I have gotten inured to the discomfort of this condition and feel that keeping as much of my routine going as I can is very good for my emotional and mental health, even if it pushes the body complex a bit.

I got back from singing at St. Luke’s just in time for the Gaia Meditation. Jim offered the closing prayer. We finished up the household chores and snuggled with the kitties before saying good night around 11 PM.