Monday, September 25, 2006


Jim and I awoke to a steady rain, still coming down from yesterday and continuing all day today. It felt peculiar outside, like tornado weather, and the light was “off” as well, rather greenish-yellow outside. Jim had hoped that there might be a break so he could get his two lawns still outstanding from the week mowed, but there was no way. After Morning Offering, he and I repaired to the kitchen to make me some soup and get the other food we planned for the week ready to go. Soon Jim went out to complete a long list of errands and I finished the soup and cleaned the kitchen.

I feel good about making that soup. We always stew any chicken or turkey bones we have left over and make our own homemade broth. Then we use fresh vegetables and the homemade broth to make soup. When nothing else will go down, the soup works for me and I generally have it for supper.

I had been unable to post my Camelot Journal entry yesterday and it appears our DSL is still offline. These are the days when non-technically oriented people like me miss folks like Romi! I had thought that perhaps the line was simply wet. This has happened before. When it dries off outside, the line comes back on. However it still seems to be off. Of course, it is still streaming rain. If it does not come back on by Monday – by then it is supposed to be dry again at last - I shall have to call Bell South and see if a civilian can repair matters talking to a technical helper over the telephone.

Lynn spent the day working on our books. She says she’s getting better but is still not where she wants to be as far as doing things quickly. She will come back tomorrow, she says, and finish up with the week’s bookkeeping. Thanks heavens for Melissa! She has been coaching Lynn by telephone.

I got back to the editing for the newsletter and finished polishing the text of the session we recorded during our Homecoming, on September 3rd. I also wrote the notes for that issue, which is our 99th! We really ought to do something special for the next issue, as it will be our century edition! We put out four issues a year, so this next issue, the winter issue coming up in January, will mark 25 years of putting out our little newsletter. I could not send the work to our web guy – for the same reason: no internet access today.

Jim and I spent the early afternoon watching football and patting Sedgie. Then I went down to the basement to wrap some gifts. Jim called bath time before I got too far with that, and we spent the rest of the evening relaxing and enjoying the sensation of “time off” which Saturdays offer. We offered the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end, and sought our beds early after a good snuggle with the kitties.