Friday, September 29, 2006


The autumn is advancing, with leaves beginning to turn and drop and the weather cooling significantly. It was supposed to rain hard all day but in the event, Jim had a nice day of it. In the morning he did a host of errands after Morning Offering. I worked on Chapter Two, snugging up the section on service to others and writing on service to self for the first time.

Jim and I got together for lunch and our stretching session. Then he went up to Avalon to mow the place. We will take a solar architect up there next week and Jim wanted to have everything looking its best. He had to saw up two good sized trees which the storms had toppled across our access road just to get to our beautiful Avalon. He reports that he mowed all around the Sugar Shack and on the house site.

However he was unable to mow the meadow. Previous attempts at construction there have salted the earth with a host of items inimical to brush and lawn mowers. Jim walked about and picked up a lot of debris before concluding that he would not be able to mow the meadow until winter has caused the grasses to die back. Then we can do a thorough walkabout and pick up the machine-destroying debris completely.

Meanwhile back at Camelot I worked through the snail mail, which contained a number of packages, as Christmas presents I have ordered come in. Then I came upstairs and collected some quotes from Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth. I have enjoyed reading that, and he makes many points which I also wish to examine, so I caught some of his bon mots for possible use in the Choice book, as well as a very pithy quote on the function of The Choice in our Density of Choice which I want to use later in this chapter from Book IV of the Law of One, which we are reading currently at Morning Offering.

A dear person, who is also a loving psychic healer, has sent me two CDs now which contain medical advice. He’s about the 137th person to figure that he has the magic cure for my various supposed ills. It is sweet and good of him to care and to try to help. However, I doubt that I am the only person in the world whose illness fails to be cured by whatever means. My own take on my condition is that I set some limits on my activities before incarnation, knowing that I was easily seduced into acting instead of doing inner work. Whenever I get too caught up in outer doings, illness limits me. When I focus on the inner work sufficiently, my body comes into balance and I feel better.

Bless his heart! He was focusing on my lupus. Now I do have that diagnosis. However other than having cyclical problems with “lupus spots” showing up on my eyelids, I do not have any symptoms. Now if he only had a good idea about chronic Montezuma’s Revenge! Speaking of which, I see the gastro-enterologist Dr. Aboud recommended on October fifth. She reported that facility’s very keen doctors helping her with an equally discomfiting problem to mine last year. I hope they find something which yields either to medicine or to other techniques.

I brought the kind reader’s CD up to the office so I can send him a thank you note, and yes, I am just as grateful to him as if he had been able to help me out. It is definitely the thought that counts! I squared things away, taking the Morning Offering books from which I had pilfered the quotes back downstairs and went to an appointment with Lil H for a colonic cleansing. I like to do that once every couple of months to avoid having anything stuck in the plumbing. The technique cleanses the pipe all the way up to the stomach and is very gentle.

Arriving back home, I decided to make good my threat to do bookkeeping work instead of gardening at the end of my work day and hopped on the books. Until bath time I added charge card entries to the household books and worked on reconciling our household credit card. My hope is that I can sort of hold things together while we go through the process of finding a permanent bookkeeper.

I was unaccountably weary and drowsed my way through Amy Goodman’s news and World Music after Jim’s and my bath. Jim slept too! We’re such a dynamic couple! We awoke to go downstairs and offer the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM and eat a bite of supper, and we got the box-mail orders ready to go before coming upstairs for a bedtime snuggle with the kitties and a good night around 11 PM.